Accepting me.

December 1, 2020 in Young Adult

I went to put my phone in order in a plaza in warri. The phone was giving me a lot of challenge. The problem started when it fell from the chair I kept it.

On my way from there, I saw some group of people on a vehicle and some walking by the side.  You could hear rap songs blaring from the speakers  they had on the back of the vehicle they were using. And sharing fliers to whoever cares to received it.

The sun was about setting.  A guy walked towards me and offer me one of the fliers. I relunctantly accepted it.  He walked away smiling.

I examing the flier in my hands. It was a youth outreach tagged ‘we preach Jesus movement’.

I was impressed seeing young vibrant people crazy for God.

Then I heard a female voice behind me ‘what is it all about?’ she asked.

I never knew this person from any where as I look at her face . She was pretty though.

‘It is a youth outreach’ I replied.

‘Alright’ she said and went on’ please let me see’

I gave her the flier.

She read through and said ‘ they wrote that if one could rap or do spoken word poetry should join. But I can’t rap or do poetry’ she gave me back the fliers.

‘So what can you do?’ I asked her.

‘I can write stories’

‘That is a good one’ I told her.

‘But I lack self confidence’ she said.

‘Why’ I  asked her.

‘I don’t really know. And beside writers are not included in the flier’ she said with a sad look.

I told her about my story of accepting me for who I am. That I never knew I had talent in writing. I doubted my abilities because I was trying to please others and be like others. ‘freedom comes to you by accepting and believing in yourself’ I added.

Later on we departed and I agreed to call the numbers on the fliers to ask if writers can also join .

As God would have it, we were accepted into the group as content providers.

No talent is wasted in as much it is adding values to others.






The Chronicles of Tamara

November 23, 2020 in Young Adult

The day was going dark when Tamara returned home after all day Hawking bananas. She was ten years old.

She was all debonair as the sales day was impressive. She sold all her bananas.

Though she had loved to be in school but the younger sister of her late mother had no plans to put her through school soon.

“I have no money to train you in school along with my children Peter and Paul” she had told Tamara one morning when Tamara said she would like to be in school like other children..

Mrs. Johnson’s husband died in a fatal car accident on his way home from work. Mr. Johnson was taxi driver before he kicked the bucket…

To be continued