‘Please, dad, please. Take me with you’.

He knew she was right. She was supposed to go with him. Even his wife. But he had no choice.

He honestly wished there was something he could do, but the words of his boss rang in his ears again and again.

‘Remember, no family. Just you and your job’ Mr Kenneth had ordered.

David along with three other workers had been chosen to move to Port Harcourt to test run the company’s new branch for a month.

And now as he thought about it, it was an opportunity to make more money. And they absolutely needed that. And so he left, leaving Sharon and his wife, Esther behind.

No sooner had he left did Esther invite her male friend over. Sharon knew mom was doing something wrong. She was just sixteen, but she definitely knew a lot.

She listened and turned in her bed as the noise from mom’s room kept increasing. But with her headphones intact and teddy bear right by her side, she fell asleep in no time.

Mom’s man friend came over the next day. Mom wasn’t around, but Sharon was. Upon reiterating that mom wasn’t home, she expected him to leave.

But no he wouldn’t. He kept taking steps towards her. He grabbed her by her side and pushed her to the sofa. The screams came through. She fought the air frantically but all to no avail. He had his way with her! But before leaving, he dropped a bundle of 100,000 Naira for her.

When Esther returned, she didn’t get the, Welcome back mommy, hug from Sharon, so it got her worried, apparently. She walked upstairs and met her daughter crying bitterly. She asked what the problem was. Sharon told her all that happened and how the glaikit even left some money for her, not minding what he had done.

Immediately she called him that, Esther landed a thunderous slap on her cheeks. She told her to keep her mouth shut and bring the money to her. She expressed surprise at how stupid her daughter was and wondered if she didn’t know how badly they needed that money. In fact, she said it was a blessing.

That marked the end of Sharon’s stay with her mom. Before the cocks could crow the next morning, she had left. She was still young but definitely not stupid. She was determined not to continue living with such a heartless woman (Well, mother).

‘So, that’s how I was born, mom? Wow’, Jemimah asked.

‘Yes, baby. The rape led to the pregnancy and, here we are’, Sharon replied.

‘Must have been really hard on you, mom. Now I understand why you treat men the way you do’, Jemi continued.

‘It was, dear. But we are here now. Men are heartless. They don’t deserve your respect. Do not ever listen to them. Do you understand?’ Sharon asked with tears in her eyes.

‘I do, mom. I totally do. And I promise to take my revenge. Believe in me, mom’, Jemimah assured. ‘So did grandpa ever return?’, Jemi threw the question at mom.

‘I wouldn’t know. I never returned home. But I seriously doubt that’, Mom answered. Soon, sleep caught up with them, bringing the end to a night of bad memories, as it were, and strong revelations.

When Jemi woke up the next morning, mom was not in bed. She called out but there was no response. Worried, she got up and walked to the sitting room. What she saw next still send shivers to her spine down to this day. Yes, mom was there. But not a living mom. Her body was dangling from a rope hung to a ceiling fan. Mom had committed suicide.

Jemi wanted to scream but nothing came out of her mouth.

Not long after that, someone knocked at the door. She wondered who it was this early. But she opened all the same.

It was a man, well dressed and neatly shaved.

‘Hello, how are you? I’m David, and I’m here to see my daughter, Sharon’.


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