You’d expect a lot about me to change. 


Come on, I just got myself a brand new Ferrari. 


I completed my house last month. You need to check it out, it’s a towering mansion. Bet you’ll love it. 


And I’m just 23. But before the Vice Chancellor of my college makes a major decision, he checks in with me. I know a lot.


I’m fulfilled. Oh, and I got a beautiful lady too. I call her, my Despacito. She so pretty that my grandma wants me to get married at 23.


There’s nothing I don’t know, absolutely nothing. Can’t nobody tell me otherwise. 


But something happened yesterday. I went to the market to purchase veggies. But in spite of the tons of people selling veggies, it was a young lady, apparently in her late teens that caught my attention. So I went to her table and told her what I wanted. 


She asked if that was all. I found that to be insulting. I honestly didn’t expect her to be so stupid. I berated her chowderheadedness and told her she was dumb. I even picked a tiny rod and hit her head with it. I felt so good doing that. But she didn’t respond. 


I saw a tear drop but that was all. She never responded. She just kept on stuffing the veggies I had requested into a polythene. That only hurt my ego more. How dare this tiny thing! So I opened her epron, collected a thousand naira note, and smacked her face with it. 


What she did next would haunt me till the day I die. She added more veggies to the ones she had already packed. It was triple the amount I was paying for. I watched, stunned. And as she handed them over to me, she said, ‘That’s for the trouble. Don’t bother about paying’. 


I had never seen such class in my life. But my pride would always get the better of me, so I hissed and left, ignoring whatever she offered. 


When I got in my car, I couldn’t stop crying. I cried for so long, I felt my eyes would fall off. I realized right there and then that I lacked something. I had every material thing I needed at my disposal but I lacked something that lady had and I knew it. 


I thought I knew it all but maybe I don’t. 


Maybe I don’t really know anything. Maybe I’m just an average human who isn’t really worth a penny. 


Maybe I wasn’t humane. 


Or maybe, just maybe, I wasn’t human!

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