I watched as they had their way with her.


I was helpless. Tied to a chair, holding on to life only by a thread.


I remember the promises.


‘I do. To love, to cherish, to protect, till death do us part’.


I remember Janet’s Dad saying to me before the wedding, ‘Son, take care of her. You know she’s all we got. Be a man for her. Be a friend and never freak out even when you guys disagree. But, most importantly, protect her!’


Her mom had even spoken to me after the wedding. ‘Russell, you know I trust you. But Janet, she’s a stubborn girl. Manage her, you hear. Don’t fight o, please. Resolve any issues within yourself. And always be there for her. You have my blessings, my son’.


And on our wedding night, I had even promised Janet that I would be her personal bodyguard. That I would protect her at all cost and never let any harm come to her.


But now, I watched helplessly as my wife was defiled. I fought the air frantically, and tried in vain to remove the scarf tied around my mouth.


The tears trickled down my cheeks. Janet had stopped fighting when she realized that she was too weak for them. Her eyes screamed of futility. And they looked at me in regret.


I started thinking about the aftermaths. How could I look Janet in the eyes after all these? My father and mother in law? My dignity as a man? Janet’s pride?


The thoughts were too much for me. I didn’t know what I was thinking anymore. I leaned closer to the gun one of the robbers held to my face, and with my last strength, pressed the trigger.


Janet, I hope you forgive me. But I can’t live anymore and look at you in the eye.


I love you!


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