Things seemed to change between usa that day. It was as if the real Moji was let loose from that prison of a hijab she was confined in. She smiled more at me and was more welcoming. And as the days went by, with the rain falling as intense as ever, and the small garden I had behind my compound flourishing, our bond grew stronger and our friendship blossomed, and my love for her grew stronger. Yes I’m in love with her, and it feels so good. Her family had come to accept me as a friend and whenever I visited, Moji was never without her hijab. I stopped looking for ways to get her out of it, I always called before visiting. I wanted her to remove it herself.

One Saturday, Moji agreed to visit at my place for the first time. I looked at her and the glow on her face when she arrived and smiled, and she smiled brightly in response.

“You have a nice place.”

“Thanks, you haven’t seen the inside first. Come see my garden.” I led her to the backyard.

“Wow! This is beautiful.”

I named the flowers for her and took pictures of her right there. We also took a selfie before going inside.

“Hmm, nice for a single man.”.

“Yea, I’m good.”

She chuckled at that, “I can see.”

“I want to prepare yam and efo sauce.”

“Really, she smiled at me as she stood by the wall and looked at the portrait of me that hung there.”

“A cook too?”

“Sure. When you taste it, then you know I’m not just a cook but a good one.”

“Let me join you.”

“Well,” I looked her up and down. “You can’t on your agbada”

“Very funny,” she looked at herself as if just noticing what she was wearing.

“Don’t worry, enjoy the TV let me quickly put it together. “I disappeared to the kitchen and went about preparing the meal.

Thirty minutes later I was done and served the food on a tray. I brought it to the parlour and found Moji going through an almanac she had taken from the wall.

“Food is ready,” I placed the tray on the table and began draging it closer, but she stopped me.

“Why not we sit on the floor.”

“Okay,” I placed the food down and sat on the floor, and she joined me.

“This is so nice!” She said after a bite.

“Thank you.”

We swallowed the food within few minutes, none of us caring to eat with manners. We began wiping the sauce from the plate and licking our fingers, when I grabbed the finger Moji was about putting into her mouth and licked it. Carefully I rolled my tongue around it and watched as she stared at me. She licked her lips and I wanted to lick it too, badly. When I was done, I still held her finger and she did not withdraw it.
We stared at each other until finally I could feel her breath on my face. I didn’t know who made the move, or maybe we both did. But I was sure she kissed me first, lightly on the lips before I took over, engulfing her full lips in mine. I released her finger and grabbed her face, kissing her deeply and hungrily. I wanted to touch all of her face but her hijab was a hindrance. I moved my hands to her head, trying to make out her hair but it was plaited. Suddenly she ended the kiss and then she was removing her hijab. I watched, mesmerized at the way she slowly took it off. I admired her face fully when it was off, her hair was neatly weaved all back. My eyes went to her neck and throat and I could see her pulse. Her collar bone was exposed and I admired the smooth looking skin, the contour it formed, I longed to trail my fingers there. My eyes went to her breast, it was full. She is indeed a woman.

I looked up to her eyes and moved to kiss her again, and when her lips touched mine, we both heard the sound of the rain. We began laughing, kissing each other all over the face.

“I see it now,” she said out of breath. “The rain, it brought us together.

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