Dylan kissed her. One time, two times, until she realized that she might never get enough of him. She kissed him back, her warm wet tongue invading his mouth in similar fashion, matching his untamed energy seamlessly.

“Hmm,” she moaned as he fondled her, caressed her, and with each kiss pulling her closer to himself as he backed up to the bed.

“Shhh… they’ll hear us,” he warned, breaking the kiss briefly, her fingers already starting to pull at his buttons by then.

“No, they won’t. They’re playing music and talking very loudly,” she replied, sliding her hands underneath his shirt as she leaned forward to kiss him again. “Come on before they notice we are gone,” she fell back on the bed, taking him along with her as their tongues kept tugging at each other.

Jamie had had her eyes on the hot blue-eyed Dylan since his family moved in next door. It took nearly a month before she first spoke to him, but as the months rolled by, they got closer and closer through late-night texts and calls. Then finally they got the chance to meet. Jamie’s mom was turning 45, and to celebrate it, she’d invited the neighbors and their families for a small party. It was not something big, just food, drinks, cake, and some dancing. But when the attention was well and away from them. Jamie snuck Dylan up to her room.

“Oh Dylan,” she moaned his name as he kissed down to her neck, the bed creaking gently under them as he mounted her, spreading her legs and getting in between. He shifted the sundress up her thighs as she pulled off his shirt, her fingers already working their way around his belt buckle by the time he started kissing her again.

The kisses were rapid this time, rapid and more passionate. He wanted her, he’d wanted her from the moment he’d set his eyes on her, and now, he could finally have her. “God, I’m so hard,” he moaned to himself as one of her hands finally got past the belt buckle, into his pants, and on to cradle his swollen shaft.

He eased off the straps of her dress, sliding the soft fabric down her body until she was completely naked, safe for the small lacy underwear she had on. She held her breath as he stared at her for a bit, his eyes dancing around her, admiring her.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered as his right hand cupped the left roundness on her chest, his gaze catching hers as he leaned in to kiss her again.

She went for his pants as their mouths made love, her fingers slotting underneath the elastic band and yanking them off. Her damp panties went off last, and by then she could feel his pulsating tip at her aching core.

“Oh, Dylan– yes… just like that,” first a gasp, then a deep moan, and her fingers digging into the sheets as he first thrust into her. He had gone in slowly but truly, one full stroke, filling her up completely as they became one.

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