“Maybe everyone else is out of their minds, I’m simply unique”. These were the last lines Moji wrote in her journal that breezy night in May. She was to submit it that weekend to her therapist. With several unanswered questions in mind, she went to bed. The next morning she woke up with a slight fever; the nightmares were worse that night. After freshening up She made her resolve; that night she ran away from home, the comforts of a home far away from her but, her mind at rest.

Chapter 1-

Born into a very strict Yoruba family, Mojirola Olatunji knew that a lot was expected of her. She was also well aware that if she performed below expectations or went contrary to her parents instructions she would kill herself before her parents were informed because what they would do to her would be even worse. Although she never spoke up, Moji was forced to do a lot of things she never wanted to; when it started she would cry herself to sleep and pray that God would guide her but, it seemed like even God expected her to take care of herself.

Mr and Mrs Olatunji Adedamola had a principle; they had suffered, their children wouldn’t, simple. Abeni Adedamola, Abbey as she was called by her friends was born into a family of 3. Her father, Toluwalase was a chronic alcoholic and her mother died while giving birth to her. Life was extremely hard for them and her father didn’t make it in anyway better. So when her 9 year old self put rat poison in his favourite bottle of gin, smiling sardonically as he groaned in pain and quietly left the house. She did return a day later claiming she had been at her friends’ place and since no one was sure of when he died, they believed her story. When she met Tunji at the bar that evening exactly 16 years from that day, she knew he would be her husband and three years later when Mojirola was born she made sure she knew that she could and would never settle for less.

Olatunji’s story was so pitiable it could make an eavesdropping passerby laugh. His both parents had died in a car crash when he was 11 years old and his older brother had committed suicide, leaving a note saying that he was unsure they would be able to cope so he decided to end things. Forced to live with his wicked uncle who hoarded all his parents’ wealth and fed him with scraps, Tunji promised himself that he would make sure he paid dearly for making him suffer. So 9 years later as he pointed a gun to his uncle’s head while his wife was raped by his gang members, he smirked at the tears that rolled down his face. He didn’t do much, but he took all the properties that rightfully belonged to him and since his uncle had spent so much of it he became indebted to him until his death. Meeting Abbey was what he could say brought him out of a very dark stage of his life and she was the only reason he wasn’t a junkie or dead.

Moji knew all this, in fact it made her feel pity towards her parents. Despite this, she longed for the day that she would finally be free. Occasionally, they would do certain things and she would wish them dead; it was wrong, she knew but she still did it. As an only child she was happy she had no younger siblings to worry about. Sometimes she wondered if God purposely made her an only child for her to suffer alone but she never made the mistake of complaining out loud, she never wanted to enrage her father.

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