Her day was horrible. From the very start where she found that she forgot her lab coat at home and had to go back home to pick it up and eventually got to the lab late for practicals. And the practicals were horrible too. She knew what she was doing, what she was supposed to do, but for some reason, she just couldn’t do it and the repeated failure messed with her head, but eventually, she got it done. Going home after standing for practicals all day was another experience. The lab was far from the nearest bus stop on campus. The lab had accessible roads, but they were not open to commercial vehicles so she had to walk about five hundred meters to get to where she would get a but to leave the campus and head to her room and listen to Sade Adu and sleep off. Maybe with tears on her face. But it’s the rainy season, and before she gets to the bus stop, the clouds are dark and the winds are strong and cold and threatening to burst.
At the bus stop, there were no buses to get into and the rain had started. She didn’t stay in it for long though. She got a ride from a good samaritan and he dropped her off a small walk away from her building, better than where the bus would have dropped her at the school gate.

She said thank you and got out of the car and ran all the way home covering her hair and her school bag as much as she could. She got into her compound and didn’t stop as she got on the staircase, running all the way to her room on the third floor, dripping all over the tiled floor as she fumbled inside her bag for her keys. She found them and went into the room and she emptied her bag on the floor to see how much of the rain had gotten into its contents and hung the bag up to dry.
Her clothes came off next. Her lab coat, her blouse and her jeans went off and she threw them in a bucket for later. She was tired now and she just wanted to sleep. washing them would come later in the morning. She was in only her tanktop and her underwear, preparing her bed when her neighbour knocked on her door.
She really didn’t want to entertain visitors, not right now, but Kunle was a nice guy. He had done favours for her several times in the past and he rarely ever asked for anything. So if he was here in person, standing at the doorpost of the open door instead of having sent a text, then it was something serious.

“Kunle how far na, what’s up??”

But Kunle’s mission in the room had just changed. He had come to borrow her gas cylinder to continue the food he was cooking, but now that he was in the room, he wasn’t thinking about cooking anymore, he was thinking about her. The sight of her long legs that was entirely exposed to him made his blood run, her skin smooth and light. Her big breasts and her nipples stood out visibly through the (still wet) tanktop that hugged her body and he could not help but stare at her as she didn’t stop moving her hands over her bed, and her breasts and her body moved along with her. Suddenly, staring was not enough. He wanted more, and he was going to take it.

He stepped into the room and closed the door softly behind him and locked it. The moment she heard the sound of the locks, her brain sent signals down her head, “something is happening”, but it was Kunle, so she just stood still and waited for him to say what he wanted.
But Kunle wasn’t talking, and he wasn’t standing still like her. He kept moving closer to her, slowly, and in her confusion, she didn’t act. She just stood there until he got close to her and she was forced to move back and she fell on her bed. In a blur of movements, his zipper was down, and her panties were pulled down to her knees, and his hands were holding hers down. That was when she knew what was going on. Every fiber of her being willed her to run, but her mind still hoped that this was a joke or a prank or something similar because Kunle never did anything like this to her before. Kunle was a friend.

Tears started coming out of her eyes when she felt the head of his penis push at her entrance. It wasn’t going in, so he brought one of his hands to his lips and gathered spit and he rubbed it on her entrance and forced himself in.
She wasn’t a virgin, she had had sex twice before, but just twice, and it was a long time ago, so her body was tight. and she willed it even tighter as if it would prevent him from getting into her, but it didn’t work. He pushed his length into her and started moving slowly back and forth.

For him, the initial pleasure was much more than what he expected and he nearly lost his control and collapsed on top of her.

For her, it was hell. She could only scream and shout from underneath him as he picked up his pace and his grunts got louder. The tears flowed freely.

A knock on the door gave her a glimmer of hope. Someone had heard her shouts and had come to see what was going on. For Kunle though, this was trouble. He got off her fast and pushed his still raging erection into his trousers and went to the door.

“Who dey there??”
“Na me, open door.”
“Who be you??”
“Na me, open door!!”

Kunle was trapped. He didn’t know if it was one person outside, or twenty people there. He couldn’t open the door because he would probably be lynched, But he would still need to leave eventually.
In his mind, he made a plan to open the door a little to see how many people there and see if he could make a run for it. So he opened the door a little and peeped out to see who it was.
It was Lekan at the door. Just Lekan, but Kunle knew he was in trouble.

Lekan had a big mouth and an even bigger body. Lekan was the guy that spent at least two hours of every day in the gym, carrying weights and working out. Lekan was the guy that nobody wanted to get into a fight with. And Lekan was the guy in front of the door pushing Kunle back so he could get access to the room.

Lekan got in and closed the door behind him and took a look at the helpless Simi on the bed.
“Kunle, wetin you dey do for here?? you dey rape girl??”
There was no reply from Kunle, and Lekan didn’t ask a second time.
Lekan’s palm landed on Kunle’s face
“You dey rape girl?! You fit rape your mama for house?! Idiot boy!”
Another slap landed
“You no fit talk?! Why you rape am?!”

Kunle, mostly stunned by the slaps on his face that had made his eyes blood red now, still couldn’t say anything. He just stood there, arms at the ready to defend himself from a third slap.

“You sha don finish ba, you don do am and your eye don clear for her body abi?? Nice one. Oya, hold her mouth make I do my own too”

Those were the worst words that Simi had ever heard in her entire life. Even years after, when she was old and died at the ripe old age of 84, no string of words that she heard or read would ever come close to the one that. And the feeling of weakness and helplessness that she felt in that moment would follow her into her grave on every inch of her skin and in every drop of blood and every organ inside of her as she was wrapped in white linen and placed in the ground according to muslim dictates.
Her eyes felt like they had tapped into an endless source of water the way the tears flowed.

Kunle too, when he heard those words was frozen to the spot. Never in his life did he think something like that could or would ever happen. And it was all his fault.
Simi would be raped twice in one night, only minutes apart. If he didn’t let Lekan have his way, he would be beaten into submission and he would have just said the beating was for catching him in the act. Lekan could claim innocence. If the story ever got out, Lekan would twist it to say that he was invited in to partake in the act, and he never had anything to do with it, and depending on who the story got out to, his life was ruined. The school, the church, his office, the police. Everyone of them would easily believe what Lekan said against him.

“You no hear me?! I say make you hold her mouth make I lock door and I go do my own inside. You dey mad??”

Kunle willed his feet to move and he climbed on the bed to cover her mouth. Her only words to him were “Kunle please”.
He covered her mouth and looked away from her face filled with tears, as his own tears ran down too.

All through the ten minutes of Lekan’s doing in and out of her, Simi screamed and kicked and begged and whimpered till she couldn’t do it anymore and just closed her eyes and cried.

Immediately after Lekan was done, he pulled his trousers up and left the room without saying a word. Kunle stayed a few minutes longer out of guilt, but he wasn’t even in a position to try and offer comfort to her because he had brought this upon her. It was entirely his fault.
He left too and went to his room and locked the door and sat against it. Crying silently in the darkness till he fell asleep.

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