“That one is for my hair”

“That’s for my fingers”

“That one just smells nice”

“Sorry, that one is for my roommate”

“That one is for when I have rashes”

“That’s body cream”

All this selection was amusing to him. Also a little bit annoying. Why any human being would need five to six different body soaps was beyond him. He only used one. For his face, hair, fingers and whatnot. It didn’t even matter what brand it was. As long as he had his bath. In her defence though, her skin was really glowing.

It wasn’t the number of soaps that was annoying him though. It was all the time he was spending on it. When she suggested sex in the shower, he had started to imagine three different scenarios in his head. All starting and ending differently. None of the three had anything to do with selecting soap.

The only plus side was that she was really finding it funny.

Standing under the running shower, she was enjoying the water on her fair skin and pointing at a random soap for him from the multitude of cans and tubes on the vanity. He had picked the right thing a long time ago, but she was having too much fun to tell him. She expected him to just give up and decide to take the shower without soap, and he did.
He went back to the first one, the one for her hair, and just emptied the contents on both of them.
She squealed as he poured the bottle on her head and on his body too. Partly in surprise and partly because he emptied the whole bottle on them. It was an expensive bottle. She also screamed because now the space between them was now less than a centimeter and the way he hugged her made every part of their bodies slip and slide against each other. It occurred to her in that moment that this was probably the reason why liquid soap was invented.
She switched off the shower so the soap lather would last longer on them.

She looked up to him to see him smiling at her like she was the best thing that ever happened to him. It was a little creepy, but also endearing. Her heart melted a little. His teeth weren’t pure white, but it came out against his dark skin. Chocolate. That was what she thought of when she thought about his skin. He made her think of a chocolate fountain that she could drink from all day long without getting sugar crazy. Where she could take as much as she wanted, anytime she wanted. No sharing.

She reached out her hands to his black low cut hair. Rubbing it slowly…

“Why are you smiling?? You look like you want to eat me and use me to increase your evil magic powers”

“Yes. The Baba said only light skinned girls can work for the sacrifice.”

“Don’t touch me. It’s funny abi??”

In reality, it was actually very funny, and they were both laughing. She was trying to slip out if his hold on her, but she couldn’t. He was strong even with all the soap on them.

“Mister man, leave me alone o. I didn’t not come to this life to be used for sacrifice by one black boy like that”

“But you like the black though.”

“I never said that. Leave me alone. I will shout o.

“If I kiss you, will you still shout??” He was already leaning in to kiss her. All the body contact between them was already doing something to him and even though he prided himself on his self control, he really didn’t want to wait anymore.

“Heyyyy, Mister man. Don’t kiss me. Leave me alone please”
“I should not kiss you?? So why are you biting your lips?? They’re almost swollen by the way”

She knew he had her and she just looked down. She really wanted that kiss, but she wanted to play with him too, but he was a really good tease and she was losing out. She just kept quiet and kept biting her lips. Drawing circles on his stomach.

“Okay, I won’t kiss you. MmDon’t worry. You should probably rinse your body off though. You’ll catch a cold if you’re here too long.”

He made a move to open the shower, but she blocked him. He tried to go around her, but she blocked him again

“Are you now angry?? You’re not supposed to be angry. You’re the one that said you wanted to use me for sacrifice”

“I’m not angry Nifemi, I’m just…” Hugged. Tightly.

His hands were at his sides and hers were around his chest. Her head was in the nook between his right shoulder and his neck. His slight annoyance was quickly turning into frustration till he felt her right hand slide up on his chest, towards his neck.
Her left hand went in the opposite direction. Going down and sliding over his abdomen and then sliding in between his legs. Her fingers found what they were looking for and he groaned when he felt her touch. She used the momentum of events to squeeze herself into his back even more. As much as possible with her hand fondling between them.

She licked his ear and whispered that she was sorry. Usually, getting him annoyed was good for the sex, but she really hadn’t intended to. Not this time.
She kept on licking his ear, twirling her tongue, pushing it as far as it could go inside his ear canal.
Down below, below his waistline, the temperature in his penis was getting higher as it filled with blood. In a matter of seconds, it went from soft and flaccid, to semi engorged, and to angry and hard and poking nothing in particular while her hand slid back and forth over his length

“Nifemi…..stop this…..”
His normal voice came out as a croak. He had to swallow the lump in his throat before his voice could come out normally again.
“Nifemi. Stop this.”
“But I’m soorrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy…..I dont like when you are angry with meeee” Half whining and half whispering.
“I’m not angry with you Nifemi, I just…fuck” Her hand was still moving up on him and her breasts were squeezing into his back and it was hard for him fo string words together. It felt like his brain was failing him and the only thing he could do was to give in to the pleasure and let her do what she wanted with him.
“Are you still angry??”
“Nifemi…” She had intentionally slowed down her movement and was intentionally making her movements on him as pleasurable as possible.
“Nifemi, let me turn.”
“No. Don’t turn. This is how I like it. And this is what you always do to me too. You are not turning, and you are not leaving this bathroom until you stop being angry with me”
“Don’t Nifemi me. I’m taking care of my baby and you are distracting me.” punctuating her words with her hand moving ever so slowly on the tip of his penis.
“I’m not stopping.”
“Nifemi…fuck!” And he was done.

Pleased at herself, she giggled in his ear and still continued to fondle him. She waited for a few minutes to feel him hardening again before she let go of him. The moment he turned, he attacked her lips and locked on it like he had never been kissed before, his left hand held her hands above her head and his right hand fumbled for the shower knob and found it. The water came rushing down on both of them and he lifted her against the wall and kissed her under it.
The next few minutes was intense for both of them…

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