Lick It.


“Lick it”

I hesitated. I didn’t like her tone. A bitch wasn’t going to come to my house and order me around in my house.

“I said lick it”

I didn’t want to answer her, I really didn’t, but I was already so close. My mouth was literally just inches away from her opening and I could smell her from a few inches away. It was her own distinct smell, but it wasn’t a bad smell. She faintly smelled of sweat, and a little urine, and her sweet flowery perfume I had smelled earlier in the club.
Her shave was probably two days old, and the hair was just coming out again. Forming a slightly darker V shape just around her vagina. She had a FUPA, but it wasn’t fat fat. It was just okay.

Seeing her up close was enough to pull me into her. I wanted to know what she tasted like, to see if it tasted as good as she smelled, so I licked it. I put my hands around her thick thighs and pulled her closer to me. My mouth was getting to work on her.

Immediately I touched her, she wrapped her thighs around my head. And the more time my tongue spent on her surprisingly large nub, the more she tightened around me. My head was getting locked in, and it was getting harder to breathe. I didn’t have the free space to lift my head up and play with her ass, so I just went deeper in her vagina. The headlock was restricting me. I couldn’t breathe.
I tapped her thighs to let me up for some air, she didn’t let up.

“Yes! Suck it! Lick it! Suck it with your whole mouth! Yes!” moaning between her words. Her words were annoying me. I was trapped and running low on air, and all she could do was shout at me. Lick it, suck it, wasn’t I the one that was supposed to be getting all the licking and sucking??

I licked it though. I put my tongue into her as far as it would go, and I licked and sucked. Sucking her clit felt like I was sucking a little dick, but I sucked it anyway and it drove her wild. She thrashed and buckled, but she didn’t let go of her hold on me, and I didnt give up mine either. She just kept screaming for more. She would call God for a while, then she would beg me to stop, then she would ask me for more, then she would moan again in an irregular voice. It was a whirlwind of sounds and actions, and it lasted for all of ten minutes till she ran out of strength to hold me down and she let me go.

I rose up from between her legs and was greeted with a view of her naked and sweaty body on my bed. Her hair was tousled and she looked like this was the best she had gotten in a while.

“I like boys that are good with their tongue. You’re a good boy.” Of course I wasn’t going to reply to that. Whatever power play she was doing, or joke she was trying to pull off, it wasn’t working. It was just annoying. And I was properly annoyed, and my dick was hard.
I wasn’t going to let the semi rape slide just like that. No. Fucking. Way.

I pulled her close and pushed my length inside her. It was a smooth entry. She didn’t need any more lubrication for me to slide in. All that saliva added with her own natural juices were more than enough.
Her insides were soft to the touch. Loose and slippery. The suction that her vagina created around me was intense, but it still felt like I was masturbating with an overlubricated sex toy that was designed for someone with more length and girth than me. It was just too smooth. Too pleasurable. Easy to pound. And I was going to pound it. Hard.

I took a few strokes to ease into it before I grabbed her neck and started hitting it hard. Oh, I was angry, and all that anger was poured into smacking my pelvis into hers and smacking it again.

Her mouth was no longer running this time. Maybe because of my hand round her neck, squeezing at the sides and cutting off blood flow to her head, or it could be because of the pounding she was getting. Either way, she wasn’t doing all the trash talk like before. The sounds that came out of her mouth now were barely intelligible. It was my turn now to do all the trash talk.

“Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, dirty, useless, horny bitch. Fuck you” each one accompanied with a thrust into her. Her only reply was “Yes” over and over again. She just kept saying yes. and I kept hitting it with the same vengeance.
Her legs wrapped around my back and pulled me to her, and I went even harder in her.
I removed my hands from her neck and it was a little bruised, but I really didn’t care. She wanted it rough. I was giving it to her rough.
I held down her hands on each side of her head and clamped down on it. I wasn’t even annoyed anymore, but all that energy was still coursing through me and it had to be spent somewhere.

There was a minor debate in my mind whether to spill into her from this position, or switch to something else before I was spent. I stayed like that. I didn’t want to go through the process of untangling her legs around me and bending her back for backshots. Which would have been quite the sight, but I was close already. I just made my strokes harder till I filled the condom and got off her.

I lied down on the bed breathing hard, and she was panting beside me too and I thought that was all until she got up and put her lips to my dick, licking and slurping it up like it was coated in milk and sugar. She licked everything. Her cream and mine, and she licked it clean. Of course I would still need a bath after all this, but her tongue had done a wonderful job, and her throat had swallowed everything.
After she was done, she came to lie down beside me and kissed me, and I kissed her back. I put my tongue inside her mouth and pushed a gob of spit down her throat and she took it greedily. Our mouths played and came in and out of each other till we eventually broke off the kiss and she said “Thank you.” And of course she was welcome.

My hand stayed on her ass, and her head was on my chest till we slept off, neither of us bothering about the covers.

In the morning when she was leaving, she gave me her name and her number, along with her official card.

“If you want to see me again, call me. I’m not a prostitute though, I just like good sex.”

I wasn’t a player either, I just liked good sex with random babes from the club every other Friday after a stressful work week. I would call her though, or I would conveniently forget her card in my wallet. I hadn’t decided. But I didn’t tell her all that. All I said was “Okay”, and watched as she swayed her ass in her tight jeans and heels.

Maybe I was going to call her again…

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  1. Wait wait wait!!!! It was supposed to be a one night stand??? Who Tf gives head to a one night stand?🤣🤣💯🚀