Taste Buds


I first started suspecting that the children weren’t mine two years ago. I’m rarely at home so I don’t get to spend as much time as I like with my family.
but that weekend, I was at home. My wife prepared rice and efo and chicken and put dodo on it too. The plantain was a little bit soggy because it was getting overripe. she had bought it on Thursday, expecting me to come on Friday, but I didn’t get home till Saturday afternoon. this incidence I’m talking about was a Sunday afternoon.
I was already on the table, so she served me when the food was done. She put the children’s plates on the table too and then she shouted at them to come and eat.
Then Semilore came and sat on the table. The first thing he did was remove the plantain from his food and put them on the tissue on the table and he went to the kitchen to throw it in the dustbin.

I was shocked.

I waited for him to come back empty handed to be sure I wasn’t hallucinating, and sure enough, he did. Then I stood up and went to the kitchen to see it in the dustbin myself. The plantains were staring right back at me from inside the black trash bag.
My wife was cleaning the stove when I entered. She looked up at me to see what was wrong because I rarely entered the kitchen, but I didn’t say anything. I went back outside and continued eating my food.

Semilola wasn’t eating rice with us. She was eating bread, so I couldn’t know what her reaction to plantains was. That was not a problem. at the end of the day, I had almost forgotten about it even. I shelved that entire episode in my mind.

I didn’t even think of it again until December that same year. We went to my junior brother’s place so that the kids would play with each other. Then me and my brother wanted to talk about some things too. Everything was fine until it was time to eat. I sent the kids to go and buy drinks for everybody.
when the drinks came, the only thing they had bought was Sprite, and my kids refused to drink it. Semilola said Sprite tasted bitter to her, and her brother agreed.

I tried to coax them into drinking it and Semilola started crying. I was stunned. Wasn’t it just Sprite??

But that was the moment it clicked for me. Because they were sitting so close to their cousins, the differences in their faces became immediately obvious to me. These kids weren’t mine. I looked at my brother’s face too, and I looked at Semilore in particular, there was no resemblance.
that was when I knew.

I took the kids for a DNA test, and I didn’t tell their mother about it until we got back from the hospital. She didn’t say a word.

I knew my wife. She was not the quite type. Never has been, never will be. But this time, she was quiet.
Motun was never quiet.
But this time she was quiet.

Her silence was so unnerving that I couldn’t sleep in that house that night. I feared for my life.

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