It was a cool evening. It had just stopped raining so everywhere was calm and quiet. IBEDC in their typical manner had taken the light as soon as the wind that heralded the arrival of the rain had started howling. The children who could usually be found playing around the neighborhood had all gone in; the lack of electricity coupled with the fact that the weather was cool had probably lulled them into sleep. Apart from the noise made by the generators supplying electricity to some of the houses in the area, everywhere was quiet. Even the frogs and crickets that usually came out to sing after heavy rains had refused to come out tonight.
It was the sudden quietness that woke me up from my rain induced sleep. I had fallen asleep while listening to the soft pitter patter of the rain punctuated with the occasional rumble of thunder after I returned from classes. The room which had been so hot that I had stripped naked in an attempt to stay cool had turned cold. I got dressed in the dark before flipping the reading lamp on my table on. The peace in the neighborhood was shattered by the sounds of a couple arguing. It seems like my landlord, Victor and his wife, Felicia had started one of their nightly arguments again. The neighborhood had gotten used to their fights, which usually ended with Victor storming out of the house to find solace in other women and poor Felicia crying and cursing after him in the driveway.
It hadn’t always been like that. They had been in love right from the start. Victor, who also happened to be one of the lecturers in my department, had fallen in love with Felicia while she was still a student. He had gone to visit a colleague in his office and had met her in his office. It was love at first sight for the both of them and six months later they were married. Victor convinced Felicia that he was making enough as a lecturer and that she didn’t need a job. Felicia gladly gave in to her husband and was content to be a housewife. They lived happily for a while, and then everything came crashing down like a house of cards when Victor decided to travel abroad for his PhD. It turned out that despite the promises of staying faithful while he was going to be away, Victor developed a taste for exotic cookies and started dipping his fingers into other cookie jars. On one of his rare visits home, Felicia discovered her husband’s infidelity and almost ran mad. Then, I had just gotten admission into Uni and I was living in their BQ. I was outside spreading clothes in preparation for my journey home for Christmas one Sunday morning when I saw Felicia leaving the house. She looked haggard and sick. Everyone got worried when she was not back after six hours and they couldn’t get across to her. Someone found her walking aimlessly in another town with no idea of how she had gotten there. They called her younger brother and she was brought back home three hours later. Christmas that year was tense. The kids were carted off to their Grandparents place and Felicia was on bed rest for almost two weeks. By the time I resumed, Victor had returned back to school and Felicia was crying almost every day. By the time he came back home after finally getting his PhD, they had moved past his infidelity and it seemed like they were about to start living happily ever after. But a leopard never changes its spots and Felicia found this out the hard way when she discovered that her precious husband had impregnated a young girl in the neighborhood and had almost gotten the girl killed when she attempted to abort it. It should have been the last straw but for some reason, Felicia never left. She stayed with her womanizing husband and continued as if nothing ever happened. But every time she caught him cheating, a huge row would break out which would end with Victor leaving the house and Felicia crying through the night.
Their fight ended a little too quickly tonight and Felicia surprisingly did not go after her husband. Ten minutes later, I heard the jangling of keys as someone attempted to open my door and stood from my desk just as Victor entered my room. I met him at the door with a kiss and one of his hands pulled me closer while the other grabbed my butt while he deepened the kiss. We soon had clothes flying around the room as we started the ancient dance of lovers with our drumming of our hearts providing a melodious beat that soon had us creating a rhythm. Soon we reached the peak and the dance ended almost as abruptly as it had started.
Victor had started coming to my room after he dumped the girl who had almost died while aborting his baby. Felicia had kicked him out for a while and he had sought for refuge in my room. I had let him stay in my room during the period and we had gotten close. He was attractive, charming and witty. It was only a matter of time before he ended up in my bed and what was supposed to be a one-time thing became an addiction for the both of us. He spent most of his nights with me and would sneak into my room after everyone had gone to bed on the nights when he wasn’t fighting with his wife. Soon, I began longing for more than I had gotten but I knew that I had to remain content with the attention I got from him. So every time he came to my room, I relished the moments we spent together because I knew he was never going to leave his wife for me, because, he loved his wife in his own twisted way. I also realized why my sister, Felicia, could never bear to leave him. It was because like me, she preferred to have little bits and pieces of love and attention he threw her way occasionally than let go of him totally.

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