You know He wants you. You can feel his hunger. You know He watches you when He thinks you are not looking but you are very aware. He knows your ways, your routine, your favorite restaurant, where you like to pick up men. He thinks He knows you but like all the others, He is mistaken. You start to wonder when He will finally get the courage to try to get you. You know that you will be his first if you let Him. But right now, He is not doing anything. He seems to be content enough following you.
You start to grow impatient. He should be nearing his limit but He is not. You wonder how He stays in control. His self-restraint impresses you. You wonder how long his self-restraint will last. You are almost tempted to wait to find out. But you are impatient to wait. You decide to take matters into your own hands by testing his self-control and driving Him crazy. You start by selecting clothes from your “hunting” closet. It is filled to the brim with clothes and outfits that are meant to drive people crazy. Your friend Sarah likes to joke about how your personality changes to that of a predator whenever you pick an outfit from the closet. Of course, she doesn’t know that how right she is when she jokes about it. The closet is the only glimpse she is going to get into your other life, the one nobody knows anything about.
You wear outfits that are specifically made to drive Him crazy. Like the see-through mesh gown, you wore the first night to the club the first night you decide to drive Him crazy. You felt, rather saw Him go crazy. He never took his eyes off you. He is not the only one watching you. Your outfit and slow seductive dancing has drawn everyone’s attention. You revel in it and consider taking one of the guys that come home but you dismiss the idea. You wanted only him and no other man.
You shiver when you think about him losing control. Your hunger has been fully awakened. You can’t wait to have him, to sink your blade into his body and feel blood spurt out. They always seem to think that they have total control but you know that you are the one with all the power. When they finally realize the truth, they beg you, thinking that you will show them mercy but you don’t. They do not deserve to be shown mercy, at least, until you have had your fun. It excites you when they are at your mercy.
He is not taking the bait. He is still in full control. You get angry. “How dare He!!” you think. He was supposed to lose control and come for you but he is not following the script. Everyone has to follow the script. You decide to punish him. You wear your sluttiest outfits, the ones that are guaranteed to drive him crazy. You start picking up men every night, showing him the possibilities of what he could enjoy and what he was missing out on by being a pussy. You know exactly when his ideal of you shatters. He is angry, just like you wanted. His anger makes him loses the control he has over his emotions. He is on the brink of giving in to his desires.
You intend to push him to the very end. You taunt him by laughing into his face when you walk by him with your arm candy in tow. You make sure he hears the jokes and snide comments you make to poke fun at him. You can feel him bristling with anger and the sheer force of it sends electricity through your whole body which leaves it sizzling. It makes you ecstatic. His anger pleases you because it means that he is finally ready to be taken. You know this because you are kindred spirits. You know him like you know the back of your hand. You wonder what he would do to you if you allowed him to get you. Based on the state he was in, you knew he would be ruthless with you. It was all you thought about while walking home with your stud for the night. You picture him coming for you while you are top of your stud. Because you know He will be watching you, you put on a show for Him. The thoughts of him watching you with a man who wasn’t him sends massive ripples of pleasure coursing through your body. The stud is happy with himself for pleasuring you but you know that he was not the one responsible for giving you pleasure. It was Him all through. The stud was just someone you picked up at the club. You didn’t even know his name.
You know the show you put on for him worked because He has reached his limits, just like you know He watched you with the stud and He was almost as excited as you were. That night, you prepare yourself.
The next morning, you go back to your normal self. You wear normal clothes and you stay away from men. Your behavior has the desired effect. He is destabilized enough to make Him think about changing His mind from coming after you. But He won’t because he is too far gone. He wants to punish you for deceiving Him. He is determined and hell-bent on having you that He doesn’t notice that a few things are off. Like the fact that your hair is done elaborately even though you are dressed normally. He missed the fact that you are wearing the same nondescript and comfortable clothes like He is. Your fashion tastes, whether you are channeling the old librarian in you or the slut ran towards loud and showy, not clothes that will make you blend into the background like the outfit you wearing right now.
You head to your favorite coffee shop to set the stage. Plus there is nothing that gets the blood flowing like a good of coffee before trapping a man. You discreetly check around to know where He is seated. You finish a whole cup of coffee before ordering another one to go. You linger in the coffee shop a bit after getting your second cup of coffee, just enjoying the thrill of the chase. You can literally taste the excitement at the back of your throat. You know the excitement you feel now nothing compared to when you finally lay hands on him.
You take your still-hot coffee and leave. He stands up almost as soon as He notices you leaving the shop. You stall a little and wait until He is right behind you before you bump into Him deliberately. You subtly empty the hot cup of coffee all over His body. You watch Him closely while you fuss over Him loudly. He is very angry but hides his anger under a charming smile. Nobody pays you attention. You apologize profusely while leaning into him. He offers you a ride home and you accept. But you already know that He won’t be taking you home and He wouldn’t be going home either when you were done with him.
He waits until you are well on the way before he draws you into a conversation. You answer all his questions and slowly relax in his company. You don’t see it coming when He knocks you unconscious. When you wake up, you realize that you are alone in a strange room. It had no windows and it smelled like freshly dug earth. It was a dungeon of sorts. He had restrained your arms and legs with ropes. But you broke free of them as with the aid of a small knife which had been holding your hair together.
He returns just as you finish fake tying the ropes back. He stops in front of you with a gleaming knife. You know he is just trying to scare you with the knife so you don’t bother reacting. When he sees that you are not scared, he presses the flat end of the blade against your face. You wait to see how far he is willing to go. He doesn’t disappoint you. He uses the knife to explore your body. He stops when he gets to your thighs. He slices your skin a little. You decide that you have had enough. You drop the ropes and grab the knife from him. You bury the knife to the hilt in his heart. You lean in to whisper into His ears, “I have always been one step ahead of you”
His eyes widen with understanding before they glazed over. In his last moments, he recognized you for who you truly were. Because he had looked at you and saw what he was in you. You were him, but better.

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