Everything in the bathroom annoyed him.

It was too nice not to.

Staring down at the water closet, looking on as his yellow, almost orange colour urine mixed with the blue water inside the toilet. He finished and shook off the last few drops from the tip of his penis and flushed the toilet, and the blue water came cascading down again. Like he hadn’t just given the toilet the most toxic thing it would ever take.

The smell of the toilet itself was another thing that annoyed him. It smelled nicer than anything he owned or anyone he knew, and it was just a toilet.

One. Fucking. Toilet. That had three mirrors, two washbasins and a chair in it. A toilet.

Who put a chair in a toilet for fucks sake?? And the colour scheme, Jesus Christ. He didn’t even know what it was. The closest thing that he knew to such colour was off white. But the colour wasn’t off white. It was more of off cream, mixed with wealth and opulence. A lot of wealth and opulence. And then a little more wealth.

The mere size of the toilet alone was something to consider. In some parts of Lagos, it would probably bring in good money every year even without electricity or water. All it needed was for it to be partitioned into three with plywood boards to differentiate between the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. The occupants would sort out where to pass out their bodily wastes on their own.

He didn’t want to think like this anymore though. This was “poverty thinking” as she had put it.

If it were her, she would probably be thinking of how to build a house as magnificent as this, then lease it out for twenty years at 175% of how much it cost to construct it, then collect a 65% deposit upfront. Then use the money to build another of its kind and continue the cycle till she had about six or seven of such houses, and then sit back and wait till the lease was up and then increase the lease price by 25% before she let it out to the next person. Diversifying in other businesses while she waited.

That was how rich people made money.

He just sighed and walked his naked self out of the bathroom.

He reappeared in the huge bedroom, and saw that she had put on a robe to cover herself. She didn’t tie it though. She left it open intentionally. She was never the type that believed in modesty, especially when her body wasn’t something to be modest about. Her flat stomach, her cleanly shaved vagina, and the slightly drooping breasts that swayed from side to side as she slowly walked towards him was nothing to be modest about. She was proud of her body.

Seeing her walk slowly with her robe open had the effects she wanted it to have on him. His penis was now slowly rising up to meet her. Throbbing and warm.

She kept the smile on her face till she got to him and wrapped her left hand around it. Her hands were soft, but very experienced and her red nails stood out against the black skin of his penis. She squeezed it gently, almost lovingly before she slowly descended and got on her knees, facing the monster between his legs. She put her tongue out and licked the tip slowly, enjoying the salty taste of his urine in her mouth. She kept licking him slowly, twirling her tongue round the head, and her hand on the base of his penis. Wanting more, she put the tip of her tongue into the small hole of his penis and he let out a small groan. She did it again, and she felt his hands on her head. Slowly massaging. Sex between them was never rushed. It was always slow, and the foreplay was always slower. It was a game where both of them knew how to give and receive maximally. This was true pleasure.

Getting carried away in the act, she closed her eyes as she started to take him all in into her mouth. First she went all over him, kissing and licking and leaving spit all over, making it easier to slide in and out, taking him in as far as her throat could allow. They spent the next few minutes doing that, with him groaning softly and using her hair as handles for pulling her head closer to him, and her getting turned on from the way he groaned and moaned her name, and how her nipples softly grazed the robe she was wearing. Then she started to go a little deeper, a little faster. Increasing her speed, and feeling hs size increase in her mouth.

He caught the signal too, and started pulling her hair harder, using them like handlebars to getting his dick sucked. This was the part he enjoyed the most. Being able to go all aggressive on her and use her so roughly, but still so gently. Her mouth opened wider and the sounds escaping from it grew louder too. More saliva escaped from her mouth to her chest, and her robe and to the floor. But neither of them cared really. His mouth was formed into an ‘ah’  shape. His eyes closed and looking upwards. He knew he had started to enjoy it a little too much when he felt his orgasm starting to build up in his balls. He removed himself from her mouth abruptly.

She wasn’t sure what had happened, and was looking up to him for an explanation, but he didn’t give any. He just pulled her up and kissed her. One small peck on her lips, then another, then another, till it became a full blown kiss. Within seconds, they were trying to suck each other’s lips off, and exchanging saliva and everything else.

The realisation that he was kissing her deeply after she had just finished sucking his dick really turned her on, and she just wanted to suck his dick even more. She just poured all her energy into the kiss instead. Wrapping her hands round his neck and pulling him down while standing on her toes at the same time so she could get easy access to his mouth and his tongue. He just bent down more and reached to grab her ass under the robe. The robe was bulky and it took him a while before he reached his goal. She kept giggling as he kept struggling, but as soon as his hounds found purchase, the laughter turned into a squeal as he brought her ass up and squeezed. Pulling each half in opposite directions like he was trying to separate them. Then he released her and gravity pulled her body together and she couldn’t tell which she liked more. The pulling apart, or the release.

His hands reached down again to do the same thing, but she didn’t want to wait anymore,

In between the kiss, she told him “mmpf…carry me…mm…carry me..bed…mmphf….mmmmmmmmmmpppnnnnnn” and he wasted no time.

He carried her there, and laid her on the bed against the pillows. He raised her two legs up as he used his hand to guide himself into her fold. The warmth was the first thing he felt, and his body did a little dance from it. And it was slippery too. Loose and soft, like he was swimming in clouds, but the clouds were not even touching him.

Staring into her eyes as he pushed himself in and out of her did something to him. The way she was sweating, her hair that was parted into two that he knew he was responsible for, and the little moans she did everytime he went into her. God, he wanted to die. This was too good. He kissed her feet and sucked on it to stop himself from whimpering like a little girl, because this was too good for him not to.

He felt his orgasm building up again, so he increased his pace and her reaction changed to match the speed.

Her “mmmmmnnnnnn” and “aaahhhhhhhhhh” quickly changed to become “…oh, oh, oh, yea, je, Jesus, god…” and every other thing she could think of. But she wasn’t able to think so well though. The way he was pushing his penis into her in itself was something delirious. Then there that the heat from the friction from the activity taking place in her vagina. She wanted to cry. It was too much for her to take. Her vagina had contracted and released around him so many times, that she didn’t know if it was possible for her to orgasm anymore. She counted four major ones, and didn’t care about the small ones.

His grunts became louder like a small pig. And kept going louder and louder till his entire body shook and her collapsed on top of her. Breathing hot air on her neck. Her legs still bent under him. His milk thick and warm inside her, but they didn’t worry about that. She was on the pill.

Then he got up and lied on his back, and she came to sleep on his chest. His semen finding its way out of her, and onto her thighs, and to his own thighs and eventually the mattress. That both noticed it but neither one of them seemed to care. He just pulled the blanket over them and they both fell asleep.

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