CONNECTING WITH YOU : PEDOPHILIA FROM A CHILD’S MIND (a short and dark story)#ceasarswords



My neighbor,Brother Joseph said he wants to put himself inside me.

He said it means we’ll be connected.
I like brother Joseph.
And I want to connect with him.
He buys chocolate bars and biscuits for me.
So,when he asked me if he could put himself inside me,
so that we will connect,
I said yes.
He said he’ll need to take off my clothes.
For a proper connection..

And he did.
While he did that,he tickled me.
And I laughed.
It felt nice.
He also laughed and traced his hand over my body affectionately.
My body was relatively small to his.

So I told him,
“Brother Joseph,” I started. “But you’re bigger than me.”
He smiled slowly and said,
“That’s why our connection will be unique.”
I want to be unique.
So,I let it go.

When he wanted to put himself inside me,
it hurt a lot.
And when we connected,
I cried.
It was paining me.
“Our unique connection will hurt for the first time. You’ll feel better by tomorrow,I promise.”
Said Brother Joseph after he gave me a chocolate candy.
He also said I shouldn’t tell my parents or my friends
that it’ll spoil our connection.
So,I didn’t.

I limped home that day.
But my mum just assumed I fell down and hurt myself.

The day after,
When my mum went to work and dropped me with Brother Joseph(as always),
He said we don’t need to connect.
So that it will not pain me.
But the day after,we did.
And everyday for the next three months.
I noticed our connection was getting stronger
because the more we connected,
the more I wanted us to connect.

My mum also noticed our connection.
Because I liked spending time with Brother Joseph.
She even thanked him for helping me out with our school work and assignments.
Our connection was so strong.
Even when I’m in school,I always want to be with Brother Joseph.

He called our connection
Like the connection between Cinderella and the prince.
But I came back from school one day
and I noticed that
Brother Joseph was packing his load small small.
I asked him why.
He said he’s just rearranging.
Relieved,I smiled.
And we connected again.

The next day,
his room was empty.
And I panicked.
So,I ran to my mum’s workplace.
“Where’s Brother Joseph?” I asked,sweat crowding my forehead.
My mum looked shocked. “He said he told you. He moved out today.”

Tears welled up in my eyes and blocked my view,but I didn’t care.
I was hurt.
And angry that Brother Joseph left without telling me.
And forsook our connection.

The connection we’ve been building for so long.
“And we had a great connection.” I said to my mum amidst tears.
“I know baby. Maybe he forgot to tell you.”
A week passed and I couldn’t get over him.
I missed our connection a lot.
I just wanted to connect with him again.
It got so bad that I started to fill the void.

First,with my fingers.
Then my pencil.
Then the carrot my mummy brought home for me.
Then the mopping stick that broke when my mummy was mopping.
But when the cucumber my dad brought home got stuck inside me,I called my mum.

It hurt too much.

My mum looked horrified when she saw me.
She asked me how it got there.

I told her,
“I put it there and it got stuck. I just miss Brother Joseph and our connection.”
I don’t know why my mum burst into tears.

She took me to the hospital.
I slept and when I woke up,the cucumber was gone.
But it still hurts a little.
My dad asked me if that’s how Brother Joseph and I used to connect.
I said yes.
“And I miss him,” I continued. “Do you know where he lives?”
“I’m going to kill that bastard!” My dad roared,slamming his hand against the wall.
“What is a bastard?” I asked my dad.

But he just held my hand tenderly and smiled sadly.
When we got home,
my mum introduced Dr Jeffrey to me.
She said he’s a therapist.
That he’ll explain why Brother Joseph is not a good person.
And why I shouldn’t put things inside myself.

So,I started seeing Dr Jeffrey.
He said I should explain how Brother Joseph and I started connecting.
And I did.
“I’ll need to be connected with you so that I can help you.” Dr Jeffrey said when I finished narrating.
Pouting,I replied. “But I don’t like you. You don’t buy me chocolate candies like Brother Joseph.”
Smiling,he dipped his hand in his pocket and brought out a bigger chocolate candy!

I took it from him quickly and unwrapped it.
I put it in my mouth and the chocolate melted in my mouth and I savored every flavor inside it.
“There’s more where that came from.” Dr Jeffrey said suggestively. “So,when can we connect?”
“Will you leave me like Brother Joseph?” I asked him seriously.

He touched my cheek and said. “Never. I won’t leave if you don’t want me to.”
I smiled,satisfied with his answer.

“Then we can connect anytime.”




No one deserves to go through this.


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