VISITS ( Daddy’s apparition)



It’s been a decade now since Raymond passed away. Despite the considerably long years, his memory has not for a second dimmed in her mind. No, not even for a little bit.
Although the past two weeks… this past two weeks, has really been the worst since it all began. The visits has become stronger than ever. Before our eyes, we’ve seen her fears take the form of living things. What started as an escape mechanism – figments of a grieving and bleeding imagination has now fully grown and transformed into a daytime horror story!

How do you tell her Daddy was never going to come home again? There was no easy way to put it. She was just an only child, a little girl of four years who had grown so used and attached to daddy, addicted was the word for it. Love was an understatement for what her and daddy shared. If daddy’s heart was an ocean, she no doubt was the only fish swimming in there. You see, a love that strong, that deep, a love that intense, usually has no happy ending whichever way you choose to look at it. So it was all good and fair till one day. The day Raymond walked out of the house to work one rainy morning and never returned (at least not physically).
Little Raphaela refused to accept that! No! Daddy could not be dead! He can’t die, he can’t just leave her all alone.
True to her believe, he eventually returned to her you know? And each single day, for the past ten years now, we’ve watched a father who loved his daughter constantly pay her visits. Regular visits from the world of the dead! She still sees him everyday like she always has this past ten years!

She’s all grown up now, way too grown up for a girl of fourteen. If you just meet her, you’ll probably mistake her for a lady of twenty. Some say the visits took it’s toll on her, while others say she needs to finally accept reality. And speaking of reality, for two weeks now for some strange reason we couldn’t help but notice her growing excitement even though Ray hasn’t paid her one of his regular visits. It’s more like he never left since the last time he came. We could sense him around!
Speaking again of reality, this morning Raphaela just announced to no one in particular “daddy promised to take me along with him for the weekend when he visits in two weeks time… It’s today!”
Don’t ask me if I believe her, these past ten years isn’t something I imagined. I’ve lived through it and have seen things.


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