At nightfall


It was like a nightmare, they were all scared to the marrows how kenzy was taken by a beastly creature. She was gone forever without return. If only we hadn’t embarked on this journey in the first place. Chloe said in between sobs as she and her friends hid at the foot of an old tree.

She and her friends were out on a search for the creature that had lain their city waste and spared no one  and this was usually at night. She had remembered two weeks earlier when she had gone to a nearby store pretending to pay for something she bought when she surrendered the cashier with a gun and made away with the cash the store made for the day.

She left immediately but unfortunately, she was arrested and taken to court, found guilty and was faced with two options death or embark on the search for the creature which attacked the city by night. She decided to take the later since she believed that the creature could be found and she would be granted amnesty.

The next day, she was put with the others who had made the same decision. In no time, she found herself in the midst of worse criminals. The group comprised of five inmates with her inclusive. They were Jake, Simon, Erica, herself and Chloe who was now a past tense.

She wept in her heart as she recalled the last conversation she had with her. She was in regrets as she never listened to her mother. Her offence was worse than her’s, she was a highway gentle man, a guru in the art of crime. She was a terror feared by all. She was merciless in her operation and this gained her a title which was known to all as “kenz-slowpoison” as she never gave her victims a painful passing.

She was still in her thoughts when she was interrupted by the voice of Jake who suggested that it was time to move. These men are merciless, Simon blurted. No arms, no weapons. This is simple suicide.

We only need to accept our fate, Erica said. Only God knows what this creature looks like. The only thing understood is that it is powerful at night and the traces of the victims are never found.

We need to leave and we can’t if you keep arguing, Jake reminded. They took the bush path and they found somewhere safe where they passed the night.

It was a new day . The sky was bright and the weather friendly. The breeze was soothing and the scenario relaxing.

Wake up everyone, it’s time. Have a bite this was what I could find. It was a bush animal although roasted but the taste was unique. It tasted like honey and milk. The next minute they gathered round to make a plan on how to get themselves out of the hell they were in.

There comes a time when one has to take a decision and this is what needs to be done Jake began. He explained that they needed weapons to defend themselves from the unruly creature that had attacked them.

Is this not a double offence?. Breaking into sakram’ s police station is impossible and you know very well what this implies. It is a shoot at sight risk and in my opinion, it’s not worth it. The Sakram’ police station is really armed said Simon.

What do we do then? Chloe asked. I guess we should make do with what we have. They are dry sticks and logs here. We can make weapons by sharpening them and there’s also guns left by unsuccessful forces who were here earlier, we could use that too. Erica said.

It’s a brilliant one said Jake and they made arrangements and lay in wait for the creature. They heard unfriendly sounds and eerie noises but they had decided that there was no going back. They observed the area squarely and found nothing but as the dusk drew near. It was evident that there nothing more to do.

The night had drawn near and the presence of the creature could be felt. It smelt of death and was merciless units massacre. Shortly, Simon excused himself to answer the call of nature when they heard a loud cry. It was him. He was on a race between life and death. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him, tearing through the bush path as he ran. The others were alerted and listened as he shouted. Run, it’s a nocturnal creature, run. He said.

The others in hiding began to shoot in his direction and soon there was no sound. Simon was gone. The group came out of their hiding and saw the only thing remaining of Simon was a piece of paper folded.

Erica picked the paper and gave it to Jake who opened it and saw an inscription that said ” I am coming for all of you”. This is strange, Chloe said Simon couldn’t have written this.

Who did then, Jake asked. It seems this is more than I expected. They could hear whispers which indicated a presence. They drew their guns and kept wait as the sound persisted. It came in whispers then loud shouts. It was really too much to bear. Everyone stay together, nothing will happen. Erica reassured. The screeching persisted closer and closer until it found them and immediately. Erica drew a lighter from her pocket and lighted it. The creature shrinked back. Others followed suit and soon it was gone. Phew, they heaved a sigh of relief and confirmed that it was a ghost that had haunted them. They kept their lighters on until they got to a tree then they heaved a sigh of relief though still shivering.

To be continued.

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