Step Murder 🔪


Step Murder🔪


In every story about the wicked stepmother, it’s always biased. It’s always about how the children suffer in the hands of the wicked stepmother, always about justice for the child but no one ever wants to hear the stepmother’s side of the story. All that changes today.

I’m currently observing a life sentence for murdering my step child. I killed her and I had my reasons.

Where do I start? Dave. My husband. The love of my life, my everything. We dated for two years and he never told me he had a kid. After he proposed was when he introduced me to the bastard. I tried to be nice,God knows I tried to be nice but she was a thirteen year old brat. She called me a bitch and a whore among other names. Anytime I reported this to Dave, he would tell me to be patient and that she would come around.

On my wedding day, the day that was supposed to be the greatest day of my Life. That little animal stained my white dress bright red. That little witch said it was a mistake and gave her daddy the puppy eyes. He believed anything she said. The dress I had spent all my life designing. It was supposed to be perfect! She ruined it, she ruined everything!

She feigned a sickness that night so my husband couldn’t sleep with me on my wedding night. I was supposed to have him all to myself that night,but no, she wouldn’t let him. He babysat her all through the night. He told me to be patient, like I was the problem.

Three years into the marriage, I got pregnant. Finally, I’d have my own bundle of joy who would be nice to me and steal Dave’s attention from that witch. But she couldn’t let it happen. Could she? She couldn’t let me just be fucking happy. She killed my baby before it was even born! I should have known better than to eat the meal that she made. I lost the baby that very day.

“You witch! You killed my baby!” I tried to shove her but Dave was there, protecting her.

“She didn’t kill your baby, Lizzy. You had a miscarriage.” Dave said. I knew he would defend her.

“Can’t you see how evil she is? She doesn’t want me to be happy! She murdered my child! She’s a witch. She put something in my food, I just know it.” I tried to explain to him.

“What food? I didn’t make any food for you. I never do. Dad, she’s lying!” The witch said.

“She left it in the pot for me to eat. It was all part of her plan!” I screamed. “Please believe me Dave, you have to believe me. She did this!” I cried.

“Why would you think the food I left in the pot was for you to eat?” The witch asked.

“Lizzy, I believe you’re just hurt about the death of the baby and You’re looking for someone to vent your anger out on but you have to understand that it’s not only you that lost something. I lost a child too and Diane lost a brother. We’re hurt too and this behaviour of yours is not helping anybody.”

But I couldn’t just sit there and let it slide, Could I? If you were in my shoes,what would you have done?

No, I didn’t kill her if that is what you are thinking. Not yet, anyways. I wanted her to know the pain of losing a child and I made sure of it. How? I got her raped.

It’s not as bad as it sounds. I’m sure she enjoyed it around the second time or the seventh😏. I sent in four young, agile boys.
Dave wasn’t around when it happened and I pretended I was deeply asleep.

“Oh my God, Diane? What happened?” I asked, feigning concern while inside I was jumping for joy.
She burst into tears.
“I want to see my Dad!”

“You know he’s away on business. Let me take you to the hospital.”

“D..d. don’t touch me. I know you’re happy about this so you can shove that fake concern up your wretched ass.”

Correction, dear. I planned this.

“You can’t walk by yourself. Let me help you.”

“Do you think I’ll get pregnant?” The witch asked.

“Didn’t you tell your boyfriend to use protection before having sex with him?” I played dumb.

“What boyfriend? I was..I was..raped! There were four of them!” She screamed.

“No need to scream at me. Am I the rapist?” I snapped back.

After a few weeks, she got pregnant just like I wanted her to.

“Let’s abort it.” I suggested.

“No, that’s wrong. It’s murder. The child is an innocent soul. It did nothing wrong. Children are a gift from God no matter the circumstances through which they came to life.” Dave said. This is exactly what I expected him to say.

“When the child grows up and asks for his father? What will she tell him? That she slept with four men and can’t say who exactly is the father?”

“She was raped, Lizzy. She didn’t sleep with four men.” Dave countered.

“Is that what she told you? I was at home that day and I could hear her moaning. She wasn’t raped, Dave. She had sex with her boyfriend.” I told him.

” But you told me you were asleep.”

“I had to say that as per some kind of girl code. She didn’t want you to know what she did and begged me to keep the secret. Don’t confront her about it, it won’t change a thing. She’d deny it to the end.”

“I can’t believe Diane would do such a thing.” He said and combed his fingers through his hair in frustration.

Dave took my advice and never confronted her about it. In a few months she put to bed. It was a boy. I intentionally let her deliver the baby because I planned to kill the baby in her presence.

I used three men this time to stage a break-in. Dave was on another business trip. I had her tied up in the living room.

I held the baby by one arm with a knife in my hand.

“What are you doing?!” She screamed from where she was tied up. I order one of the men to slap her.

“You killed my baby and now I’m going to kill yours!”

“What? I didn’t kill your baby! You had a miscarriage, Lizzy!”

“You killed my baby! And now, you’re going to feel the pain too.”

“No! No! Please no!” But her pleading meant nothing to me. The baby’s cries die down gradually after I plunged the knife into its tiny stomach. I gave the corpse to the men who placed it in a bag they carried along when leaving.

They knocked Diane out and gagged her. I had them gag me and tie me up also so that Dave would believe my story the next day.

” What in God’s name happened in here?” At the sound of Dave’s voice, I slowly opened my eyes.

Diane tries to speak through her gag but it is inaudible. Dave frees both of us.

“She killed my baby! She killed him! She’s a murderer!” Diane screams frantically. She lunges for me but Dave stands as an obstacle.

“Oh! You’re taking her side? She’s a murderer! She killed my baby!” She continues screaming.

“What’s going on here? Where’s the baby?” Dave asks, confused.

“Three men broke into the house last night, I was so scared..they killed..they killed Joe. They tied both of us up..we couldn’t save him,” I started to sob.

“Liar! Liar! She’s a bloody liar! She killed Joe, she killed my baby with a knife. She was working with those three men. They took his body and the knife away. It was her! She’s pure evil!”

“I think she’s just really traumatized about Joe’s death. We need to take her to a psychiatrist, I think she’s lost it..” I suggest to Dave.

“Diane, sweetie. Calm down. I can’t believe Joe is dead. He was just a child. Who would want to kill a baby?”

“It’s Lizzy. She killed Joe because she believes I killed her unborn baby. She’s dangerous. She should be locked up in a cell!”

I start to sob.” I don’t know why you accuse me of Joe’s death when in both our presence, Joe was killed by those men. Do you really hate me that much?”

“Diane! What’s going on!” Dave demands.

“She killed Joe. You have to believe me Dad. She’s dangerous!” Diane keeps screaming while I keep sobbing and denying it. The following day, Dave takes Diane to a hospital for mental patients.

For a whole year, I enjoyed my marriage but unfortunately didn’t conceive. I had peace until SHE was released from the hospital.

She made life miserable for me from the day she stepped back into the house. She stole all the attention from my husband. She kept throwing fits and seeking attention, he was always worried about her. He had no time for me. This was her plan to ruin my peaceful home.

But I wouldn’t let her. I had to get rid of her. Kidnap wouldn’t do, She had to die.

I’d make it look like a suicide. Her mental state was questionable which was to my advantage.

Pills. I’d make her swallow pills. I’d hold a gun to her head and make her swallow the pills.

I don’t want to bore you with all the details, but that is exactly what I did. In a few minutes, her lifeless body was on her bed as still as can be. Mission accomplished. I would finally live a peaceful life or so I thought..

Dave came back home looking rigid.

“Welcome dear,” I tried hugging him but he was stiff. ” What’s wrong?” I asked. Little did I know, the wind had blown and the chicken’s anus was exposed.

“Why? Lizzy? Why?” He broke down in tears.

“Why what?” Suddenly, armed police men appeared among us.

“Mrs. Lizzy Jones, you’re hereby arrested for the murder of Miss Diane Jones. You have the right to remain silent as anything you say will be used against you in the court of law.”

“I didn’t kill anybody!” I deny.”Diane is not dead, she’s in her room right now.”

“Shut the fuck up, Lizzy. You can stop pretending now. I hid a camera in Diane’s room to monitor her and make sure she didn’t hurt herself. I saw you force her to take pills.” Dave said.

I was speechless.
” Why didn’t you tell me you hid a camera in her room? How would you keep that a secret from me. I’m supposed to be your wife!” I screamed as the police led me into their van.

“You’re not my wife. You’re a murderer. I finally believe Diane’s words. I’m pretty sure you killed Joe too. You’re evil.”

“She killed my baby first!” I argue.

” She didn’t kill your baby. It wasn’t food that killed your baby. You had a miscarriage, it happens! I’m so thankful that I didn’t have a child with you!”

“She killed my baby! She killed my baby! She killed my baby!” I keep repeating it until I’m taken to the police station.



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