Lady’s guy


Lady’s guys
Writing by, OGAR FIDELIS
Episode 1
It’s almost time for summer holiday, we have gotten notice from the hustle securities to start preparing our luggage, Because we re leaven the hustle soon after now, I and my friends Dav and Erik. actually we leave in a separate bunk, but are always together even during school hours
My bunk is getting scanty and empty, because some student have started leaven already, but since my friends where not ready to leave i am just relaxe, we have just five days left, we decide to spend at least three days before leaven for home
Big sis called to check up on me, and to know my reasons of still being at school even though we have finish exams, it’s so unusual. Me that would want to leave school immediately I finish my exams now staying back up to this time of the semester. But this time around I decide to stay back. not even calling for transport or for any other thing. I was just so cool with my friends
strolling with my friends Dav nd Eric when my phone rang it’s big sis calling, I have a clue of what she wanted to say already. I pick up the call reluctantly,
Big sis: Hello Fidel
Fidel: Hello big sis
Big sis: How are u doing??
Fidel: Am good sis!! How is everyone?
Big sis: there are all fine, what re u still doing at school I heard u have finish your exams then what’s still keeping u
Fidel: Urhhhhh ( panicking ) actually looking for genuine excuse
Big sis: why grumbling?? if u re good and save there that’s your business, Dad ask me to check up on you thats which I have just done
Fidel: big sis, is not like that oh just that there is an important documents I need to submit before leaven I promise to set my way home immediately I submit it ( I laid )
Big sis: take care of your self bye
She drop the call
Who was that? (Dav ask)
My big sis, Angel. They are just worried about me been in school up till this time
Dav: I would like to go home by week end just that Jen won’t let me go. You know this holiday is long and she will miss me a lot, I need to spend sometime with her before leaven for home
Eric: Oga!! Mr Jen. Dont go and meet your parent stay here and be cuddling someone daughter
Dav: comot here, you why are you here? is it not because of Rose?
Eric: my own is better am still with Rose, you that is always changing girls every semester Nko?
Dav: nah you sabi that one.
I stood there watching the two guys bargaining who change girls most. While me I dont even have one single girl if not for my bestie I wouldn’t have had any girl in my circle
Fidel: guys I think mum is becoming worried. my siblings should be at home by nw
Eric: come and go nah, sheabi is only you that have siblings.
We all set our way for our normal strolling, as we headed to black nd white field.

Episode 2
It’s a new day, and also two days remaining for all of us to leave the hustle, its remaining just few people in my bunk. I slept so relaxed after the exams stress and night class wahala, then my phone rang, I quickly role my eyes towards the direction of where de phone is kept, the noise of the ringing tone is too loud, it interrupt my sleep, Gosh!!! Its Dav calling, why is he even calling by this time if the morning them I realize is almost 8 o clock. Quickly pick the call
Hello Dav.
Dav: are u still sleeping??
Fidel: no ooh just laying down but still in de bed though
Dav: OK. Jen just called to inform me about her friend birthday party, is even house party would u mind to come with me??
Fidel: yeah, but thats when am done with my chores, I need to start arranging my stuffs before my securitie will come with quite order, you know how mannerless they can be at times
Dav: OK that cool I will be waiting.
Fidel: beside, what’s the time for the party
Eric: 4pm. We should be there by 5, when everything is set, instead of going earlier before time.
Fidel: any way that’s Afrika time, call Eric. I would be in ur hustle by 12noon
Dav: no problem I think he would be with me before then, once I inform him about part, u know that one nah ( party rider )
Fidel: smile, no probldm. See u then
The reflection of the sun from de side of my window caught my eyes, Gosh!!!
I stood up quickly started arrange my luggage, then I warm up My left over food, took my bath. Then got set for Dav hustle
Gosh my bunk is getting fucking scanty, already am worried but still push for Dav hustle. Dav live at hall 5 why I live at all 2. on reaching there, Dav is laying down and also busy with his phone
David, waxup
Dav: hey man!! U re here already
Fidel: yeah I have nothing to do there nah no need of staying though the place is becoming too lonely for me, which game is that?
Dav: PES 2. U want to beg again ahbi
Fidel: look at this one, you that would not use your data and download game.I wonder who even gave u this one, precise have u called Eric?
Dav: yeah he said we should meet him at graduate school.
It’s almost four o’clock we decide to start going before it becomes late , Dav nw called Eric, Eric wxup hope u re there?
Eric: yeah, are u guys coming
Dav: yeah, on our way bro
Eric: no problem am waiting
On reaching there we saw Eric and the so called new girlfriend, I took charge to speak with her
Hello pretty, hello (she replys)
Am Fidel, and u??
Am queen
Fidel: queen indeed, u look almost a queen.
Dav and Eric stood quietly watching me chatting with her.its shocking to them because my usual me is, shy shy. But they could not show up
Hey guys ( Eric Interupted ) what’s the plans
Dav: as discussed nah, we have said it all already
Eric: so are we trekking there?
Dav: no nah we decide to stroll down and meet you before getting a cabs.
Eric: just give me ten minute of ur time please, let me round up
Dav: no problem, ten minute like u said.
We stood across the road waiting for Eric to round up his conversation, but it took him more than the ten minute he ask for. Almost an hour. Jen started calling,
Jene on de phone. are u guys not coming again??
Dav could not hold it anymore he decide we start going while Eric would meet us over there as soon as he is done, so we left Eric there
Episode 3
We stood at main gate, got a cabs, then start heading to mariam. On reaching Jen house, we heard the noise of the girls from a distance and also the music sound. We drop at the gate, spying to see what the population looks like.
Though it wasn’t that populated shaa, Dav paid our cabs man, then we set our way to the inner room where de party is held, at the entrance we meet with Jen coming out of the house
Hi Jen, Hi Fidel (she replys )
Jen: Good to see u guys
Fidel: same here dear. Then i excuse giving her opportunity to hug Dav
They both smile at each other and also exchange kisses
Jen: what took u guys soo long to reach here?
Dav: we were waiting for Eric, he is kinda busy, so we could not continue waiting, he will meet us here as promise
Jen: is alright, Cath and other girls are inside, go in there and wait for me, I will be with u shortly.
From a distance Cath saw me and Dav coming, she quickly ran to us, we exchange hug, I am not that comfortable but did not show up,the girls inside are extremely beautiful, as a matter of fact they made the gathering looks like, Angels party. Gosh how do I start presenting my self to this girls, are my even of their standard, a lot of thought running through my mind. Ok I will try, I walk round extend greetings to the few I can reach out to, then I took a seat next to the VIP table, the table is set with collections of spirit drink, wine and bottle water and also minerals,
I have nothing to do, then I got engage with my phone, I just have to pretend been busy.
Dav also is done greeting then he took a seat next to mine, then we engage into discussion, our usual doings. Not too long Jen and Eric walk in from the door behind us
Look at them (Eric teased) with a smile,
Dav: who is even smiling with this one? So u kept us waiting for almost one hour because of that girl that u would soon dump ahbi?
Eric: hey guys am so sorry OK, I meet her in one of those our group chart, let me not talk before you would go and start searching for her number, I know what you guys a capable of doing
Dav: na u sabi that one. Take seat behind at the back oo, before u start sending signals, ashawo boy. Hope say u know my babe? Make I no just hear say, fowl lay boiled egg oo ( the both burst into laugh
Eric: look at that one who is he seating quite like that ( reffering to me )
Gosh am lost in thought, then Eric tap me from behind, Adamu Wake up. (He tease)
Urrrhm yeah, yeah, Gosh!! He caught me what was they even saying…
Ohhh my God Cath ( the celebrant is looking georgious) she got me lost in thought
Lemme me see who that VIP table is for, may be she have a boyfriend
Soon the party kick start, jen is de MC. I’m de first to be called to the VIP table, my heart skip at the mention of my name, am always shy but I have to go, majestically i walk to the table, the next to be called is Eric, then thirdly Dav (chief boss himself)
Then other girls follows
Celebration started, we sang birthday song to the celebrant, then did some dancing drinking and sharing of cake. Then took our leave, it is such a remarkable day full of merriment, Cath and Jen see us off to where we can get a cabs. We engage into discussion, Dav is with Jen. Fidel with Cath. while Eric is busy with his phone
I summoned courage and tell Cath how beautiful she looks.
Fidel: hope u know u are beautiful
Cath: (smile) just like u are handsome too
We both bursts into laugh, Conversation went on for almost and hour then we got to the roadside where we can get a cabs
Cath: thanks for coming, u guys made my day remarkable. I must tell
Fidel: is nothing dear, just hope to see u some other time again
We both exchange numbers and hug too,
Then we got a cabs to main gate then we all set our way to our various hustle. Gosh is late am I need to get something for dinner.
Episode 4
It’s last day of grace, for every one to leave the hustle, to there various houses. Jen called Dav and inform him, she and the girls are coming over to spend sometime with us.
It’s Jen of the phone.
Jan: Good morning Dav
Dav: yeah good morning Jen, how are u an everyone?
Jen: all cool, the girls are requesting we come over and spend some time with you guys
Dav: at where (Dav getting upset) you know I live in de hustle, beside me and my friends dont live together,
Jen: what about we hang out somewhere?
Dav: OK thats no problem, I think the cafeteria is cool for that,
Jen: alright, we are coming over by twelve pm.
Dav: alright see u then. Then Jen drop the call
Dav started calling to inform about Jen, willing to come over and spend sometime with them at the cafeteria. Eric almost turn down the request because he is expecting his new girlfriend, (Queen)
It’s 11: 45 am I and Dav waited at the cafeteria for the arrival of the girls, then Eric came and join us
Dav: ahh, Eric is queen not coming to see you again?
Eric: don’t mind that girl, she said she’s having tutorial to attend, she won’t make it to come as promise
Dav: alright, may be it is important to her,
Eric: important ko, important Ni.
We engage into argument about, The trending issue on corona virus, how we only see live score without watching live match. Is funny shaa. Then a red cabs drove into cafeteria car park. Gosh the girls are here, Jen is the first to open her door. She is seated at the car owner seat, while Cath sat at the front with her seat belt cross her boobs, Gosh she is looking extremely beautiful, she is wearing a white polo and a blue trouser, while jen is dress on a yellow gawn, that clearly shows her figure 8 curve. Ohh my God, this girls can context for miss world and stand a high chance of winning,
Hey guys, Good day. (They greeted)
Ur re welcome baby, Dav and Eric reply except for me who is almost lost in thought. Many things running through my mind, I think am beginning to have feelings for this Cath of a girl. Gosh!! How on earth would I start disclosing my self to her, just thinking then i felt a soft hand holding me from behind. Ohh my God let it not be Cath because I will just hit my self hard to the earth surface to make sure am not in a dream world, Ghad!!! Is she, I pretend a fake smile, Hi girl u look grate.
Cath: thanks dear
At the cafeteria Eric phone rang, its queen calling.
Queen: Hello Eric, can you come over to love garden am waiting here for you.
Eric didn’t hesitate, but took permission and left us there, it remaining
Me, Dav, Jen and Cath.
This good for nothing boy is busy talking to Jen. Am finish where would I start conversation with Cath when I cannot look directly into her eyes
After some time there we had a venture tour around the school, from Nslt to CES then from CES to Black and white Field. Am beginning to feel relaxed now, am becoming familiar With the girls, at least I can talk now. Cath ask a question that brought a lot of discussion.
Cath: Can u tell me about ur family background?
Fidel: ohhh, yap, sure. Urrrrhm my family happens to be in the middle class, we re four kids and am de last of the four, my dad have two five, where I had two younger siblings after my mum left my dad.
We got to black and white field, sat a distance far from Jen a Dav. I and Cath had some sweet moment together, likewise Jen and Dav.
Jen requested we go over and spend the night with them, at Marian, its good to hear. I notice some atoms of smile at cath face, I could not hesitate to say yes.
We all boarded in the same cabs from main gate to Marian, Jen took a room for she and Dav, While I and Cath had our room too. Ohh ghad this night is looking something different, is actually my first time, to sleep in the same room with a lady for the whole night. Though am not a virgin, I lost my virginity when I was 16 years old. our tenant daughter force me on her self. But the experience am having right here is love, am happy been with the first girl, I have a crush on, and even seeing her as my girlfriend, even though I have not open up to tell her how I feel, but to my mind she is my girlfriend already, I don’t want to here what any body would say let it just be, I love her and thats final.
We had our dinner together with Dav and and Jen, then we all move to our different rooms, the night looks almost like lovers night. I took my bath before cath, then busy with my phone, cath undres herself.
Gosh!! am seeing what I have never seen before, though she cover herself with towel, but some part of her body is still open,God am been a full grown young man now, my joy stick started getting hard. Gosh!!! What would I do now I started hiding my face, but to no avail. Cath Walk pass me to the bathroom to take here bath, she came out with de towel as she is done taking her bath, the towel still on her chest, at least is no longer shocking anymore, we sat backing each other, I pretend laying down to sleep, she notice am a shy type because she has been the one doing the talking ever since we came into the house, then I felt a cool hand running from my legs to my belly, Ohh my ghad, my eyes has almost pull off from it socket, quickly she uncover herself, park off the duvet, then mounted a kiss on me. Her soft lips reminds me of one fruit I ate at the orchard garden, I could not hold, but to quickly turn her down to the bed made some romans, then mounted my joy stick on her……..😅😅 it’s something tremendous..
Episode 5
Finally it has gotten to the last day of our evacuation from the hustle. I and Dav left the girls at jen house as early as 7 o’clock, because the deadline for the hustle door to be short is 12 o’clock, I rush to my bunk, started arranging my bags and other luggage’s then headed straight to the park, where I got a bus to my home town. I boarded at, Peace mass Transit limited, then I put a call across to Dav. Dav on the phone, Hey Fidel waxup,
Fidel: am cool man, are u still in the hustle
Dav: yeah dad is sending his driver to pick me by 1 pm, so I would be at main gate by 12am,
Fidel: OK, me am in de bus and I have gotten my ticket already, so am moving out any moment from now
Dav: alright man!! Journey mercy
Fidel: thanks man!! I will call u immediately I get to the house
Dav: no problem, take care of your self..
I sat at the back seat next to the driver seat, according to my seat number, waiting patiently for other passengers to get their ticket. ( Exiting calabar)
Cath called to check up on me. Cath on the phone
Hey Fidel, waxup? Are u still at the park?
Fidel: yeah, about to leave.
Cath: then I won’t meet up to see u again
Fidel: no u can’t dear, let’s go on a video call.
Then I drop the call and called her back via WhatsApp
Cath: Awwwwn, my baby is in the bus already, I will miss you so much
Fidel: miss you more baby, hope to see you soon, take care of your self for me, I love you.
Cath: ( so happy seeing my face) Journey mercy baby.
She drop the call.
Other passengers took their seat then, we left the park, move to Ujimco filling station, to buy fuel, then set our way to Bekwarra, the extreme part of cross river state. That has boundary with Benue state.
Getting some miles close to my home town, then I started calling hommies to inform them am in town already. Home sweet home can’t wait to get to the house ( so exhausted ) on reaching the house, I saw mum standing at the betony of our house, Dad is in the parlor, while my elder and younger siblings where in their room, while greeting dad mum, Joe heard my voice from his room. He started chanting my name from his room, then every body came and welcome me.
It’s feels so nice been home, after a long semester. Can’t wait to call Cath and Dav and share my journey experience with them. I took my bath eat all the eatable then got to my phone. A massage from Cath. Hi Bea I hope u are home now? Pls call me immediately u see this massage.
(Smile) calling Cath, how are you (with a teasen tone)
Cath: missing youuuuu. Awwwn can’t wait for this holiday to finish.
Fidel: miss you more, can you do me a favor? Please🙏
Cath: what’s that?
Fidel: promise you would take care of your self for me..
Cath: I promise. Love you so much.
Fidel: love you more, let me call u back later please 🙏🙏
Cath: no problem Bea, bye
With a lot of smiles, calling Dav. Dav on the phone
Dav: hi Fima, how are you.

Fidel: hope your driver didn’t keep you there for too long??
Dav: no, he came even before time.
Fidel: good to hear, so hw do you feel been home?
Dav: I feel good you know, ( he tease )
Fidel: am sure you must have called your Jen by now
Dav just spoke with her few minute ago,
Fidel: I trust you nah,
Dav: he is talking as if he has not called cath too.
We both bursted into laugh.
Fidel: what about Eric?
Dav: I was on a chart with him some minute ago, he said he is home too,
Fidel: that’s cool man!!
Bless God for journey mercy.

Consistent call for the virtues of competency…
IG: @ophixialfidel

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