The Beginning of her Misery part2 #ceaserwords


Beatrice rolled to the other side of the bed for the sixth time that night. Devoid of sleep, she sat up and sighed in frustration. She was not going to cry. She would not allow herself to be broken over a man who didn’t deserve her tears. She was not like that but who was she kidding?

She was no longer the strong woman she knew herself to be. She had allowed herself to fall into the trap of love and ended up broken instead. She would never forgive him for his betrayal.

She stood by him even when her parents were against their relationship but for what? He had to destroy everything by cheating on her the same night he proposed to her with his ex. The woman he said he wasn’t in love with.

He had hurt her so much and she was stupid enough to forgive him only to find out that the witch was pregnant and was wearing her ring, her engagement ring, his symbol of love.

No matter how much hate she felt for him, she knew more than anyone else that she was still in love with him. She wiped her tears with her right hand. It was too late to think of what could have been. He has a family now and here she was all alone.

She accepted Philip’s marriage proposal to please her parents. She never believed in moving on through another relationship but that was the solution apart from running away to another country. She couldn’t afford to disappoint her parents again.


He stared at the invitation card in utter disbelief and scanned through the contents over and over again before he looked up to acknowledge his secretary.

“Who gave you this?” He asked. His voice laced with anger.

“Miss Beatrice and Mr Philip.” She answered in one breath afraid of his reaction as this was the first time she would see her boss this angry.

He had entered the office in a solemn mood as usual only to see his secretary gossiping with his other employees. He knew something was up with the looks they gave him which was why he summoned Mary, his secretary into his office. She had hesitated in divulging the gossip but after being threatened with her job,she gave him the invitation card.

“When did she give you this?” He asked. His eyes red. It was obvious he was fuming. He needed air. The air conditioner was blowing hot to him. He had never felt so helpless and heartbroken in his life. Beatrice was getting married and it was not to him but to someone else. He felt like the ground should just open up and swallow him. His mistakes had taken over his love and he had lost her. He couldn’t breath. He stood up and started pacing. Meanwhile, Mary stared at him like he was a mad man.

“Answer the damn question!” He yelled making her flinch.

“She…I…i went to her house yesterday and…” She trembled afraid of saying something that would annoy him the more.

“And what?” He yelled once again unable to control his anger.

“They were having a private party and she gave me the card.” She answered after taking a deep breath.

He stopped pacing for a moment as if pondering on her words before he dashed out while she collapsed on the chair in relief, wondering of her boss was still in his right state of mind.



She was about to drive out of her compound when a car blocked her way and refused to move.

                     TO BE CONTINUED.



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