Worst Best Dad ever


Worst Best Dad ever 



Chapter 1

Until yesterday I was an orphan, not till my birth father showed up at my front door.



“Farhana are you coming down or not”?said Ihsan.

 “I’ll be there soon, I just have to figure out what to wear ” I say rolling my eyes, we don’t really have many clothes to wear I’m supposed to have something simple enough for me to wear so that I don’t overdress. Our best friend Irfan is turning 21 today ,So I just make up my mind and pick a lilac gown that I got as a birthday present last year. After putting on the dress I apply some makeup and lipstick and after that I put on a veil and hurried downstairs to meet Ihsan.

 “wow Ihsan, you look pretty “I tell her as I notice she’s wearing some makeup.

“I know right, I have to look delicate afterall it’s our dear irfan’s birthday “she wiggles her eyebrows at me and put on a huge grin on her lips.

 “What” I say, and I feel a flush on my cheeks.

 “oh, you know what for sure! she says with a smirk, tell me everything that’s going on, we’ve been friends since birth so just fill me in on the details, you know we’ve no one but ourselves, we’re like five and six………. “

“Hey ,what on earth are you insinuating girlie, what do you mean and most importantly what do you want me to tell you”

“I want you to tell me exactly what’s between Irfan and you ,lately you have been no where to be seen and when I ask you, you say you’ve been with Irfan, so tell me what’s going on.

“so you want to hear ,OK then, Irfan confessed his feelings for……….”

“for you, oh that’s great news ,I’m so Happy…..”

“Heyyo, that’s not even what’s up, I’m working on our new restaurant, there’s a competition next month, we made it through the finals “

“But why didn’t you tell me we made it through, I’m I not important to our dear sweet restaurant “says Ihsan as she’s making dramatic gestures.

I roll my eyes”oh stop it, stop being dramatic girlie, I was going to but Irfan said he was going to make an announcement at the feast ,remember an hour ago when I tried talking to you but then you cut me off, that was when I wanted telling you but you didn’t let me speak, so I just forgot about it “

“OK then let’s leave”she says as she turns on her heels and heads for the door and pick the car keys from the shelve.

As we leave, I switch off the lights and lock the door to our apartment, heading for the car I see Ihsan sitting in the driver’s seat and she mouths to me come inside so we can leave

seriously, I don’t think I can let Ihsan drive my car, she drives so reckless and I trust myself I don’t want that to happen ever again, I turn to the driver’s side and open the door,

“girlie come down right now ,there’s no way I’m letting you drive my sweetheart ” I make a pout face. she grunts and come down glaring at me and mutters “party popper “under her breath.

I roll my eyes and climb into the car and as I wait for her to get in, my phone dings, it’s from Irfan

where are you guys 

I have been expecting you for a long time, please come soon sweetie. 

sweetie ,huh, me, sweetie  ,I don’t think this message was for me ,I know we’re friends and we’ve been besties for 2years now but for him to call me sweetie,  maybe he’s trying to sound nice unlike he’s other messages

hey witch, come out of your apartment I’m in front of the apartment’s café 

I don’t want to get my hopes up but what if he’s starting to have real feelings for me, how do I find out, what do I do, should I tell girlie

I open my mouth to speak but then close it back, if I tell her she’ll make me do things I don’t wanna do at all, I drop my phone and turn to the side to see Ihsan deeply into the screen of her phone, I just drive away instead.

Chapter 2

I can’t stop myself from thinking about the message I got from Irfan, not that I don’t like it, infact I can feel my cheeks flush but what if it was for Adeena. I feel a bit of anger as I think about her, silly girl, always being silly, her sarcastic voice when she speaks to me and my unknown reason for not being able to put her in her place, for some reason she’s always trying to downgrade me. Why do I even care? I do actually maybe because she’s always around Irfan flirting with him. I push those thoughts out of my mind as I approach the gate to irfan’s home ,the scent of the house is just the way I remember it when I first came here 6 years ago, I turn off the engine and glance at the gate then at Ihsan who still hasn’t noticed that we were here.

“oh we’re here already, I didn’t even notice “said Ihsan

“No, we just happened to be back at home “I say sarcastically ,then we both come down from the car and approach the intercom by the gate,

“hello, we’re here for Irfan ”

someone answers “Oh, it’s you, hold on a sec” suddenly the gate opened and we get in, the front door is open and there isn’t a sign of anyone around, so we step in and make our way to the backyard through the kitchen,

it’s dark in the kitchen and for some reason I feel someone is following us, suddenly the lights flicks on and I turn around to see Irfan standing with his arms folded over his chest.

“Oh hey, Happy birthday, what are you doing here and where’s everyone “I say

“You know something, it’s my birthday and my best friends are the last people to wish me Moreso even the last ones to see me, give me a reasonable excuse why you guys are very late “he said

“Awwnnn, so sorry bestie and a very happy birthday to you, you know the saying, save the last for the best, I did just that but I don’t know about Missie here, you know how long she takes to get ready, she’s the reason we came late” said Irfan

huh this girl is trying to get out of this one, looks like I’m on my own

“I’m really sorry Irfan, I lost track of time ” I said as I sheepishly  look down at my feet

” okay okay, I know, why does she even wear makeup, she looks so ridiculous but it does look good on her, I’m just glad my favorite people are here” he said

“so where’s everyone, and mum and dad “Ihsan asks

“everyone left, mum and dad are in the garden with kasim”he replies

“kasim is here, I haven’t seen him in ages” says ihsan with a grin “alright you two catch up I’ll go meet them”

“let’s all go together “says Irfan . I nod and follow them

After greeting them, Irfan and I left for the kitchen to grab a piece of cake and have a drink. After that we went back out through the back door towards the pool, as we approached I say “I saw your text today, it didn’t look like it was for me and girlie, was it? ”

He patted for me to come sit at the edge of the pool with him, I took of my wedges and sat down with him,

“you don’t think it was for you, then who did you think it was for” he says with a smile

“I don’t know, maybe, Adeena ,since she’s always clinging to you like a piece of gum stuck onto a locker, gosh she’s so annoying, I feel like squeezing her just the way I will crumble a piece of dirty paper!!”I say angrily

“oh my ,look who just got down from the raging truck, why are you so upset, what’s bothering you, I can see something is wrong “he said

of course something is wrong, I can stand anyone clinging to you much less Adeena, that girl is a pain in the neck, though I can’t tell him this exactly ,so I just say “yeah I’m just stressed about the competition that’s coming up on Monday, today is Friday and I’m yet to create new recipes, we have only 2 days left”

He looks at me with uncertainty and say,  “is that all, don’t worry just try to get rest today, I’m sure you’ll come up with something tomorrow, I believe in you ” as he glares at me and I do the same for some minutes we stare at each other before someone interrupts.

“oh no, how romantic, you guys are staring into each other’s eyes so passionately while I’ve been looking for you guys ,I’m very hungry Irfan I need food” says girlie as she winks at me

I roll my eyes at her and as I try to get up I slip almost falling into the pool but then I feel a firm grip on my back, I didn’t really notice because my eyes were closed as I was expecting to fall into the pool , I notice I didn’t fall then I snap both my eyes open and straighten up

“thanks bestie, I would’ve been soaked” i say, instantly I see girlie’s bewildered look and then she grins at me and makes a heart shape with her hands.

Chapter 3

Kasim shows up suddenly behind Ihsan, making her jump .I chuckle as I see her cheeks flush a little and then her attitude replaces it

“arrgh, can you walk slowly and not startle me “she complains

“oh yes I can, and I did by the way that’s why you didn’t notice when I came behind you a sec ago” says kasim as girlie wears a grim for a sec and relaxes afterward “by the way I wanted to tell you guys I’m leaving now”, he waves us goodbye and leaves.

suddenly I notice it’s late as I glance down my watch, it’s 11pm ,then I tell Ihsan and Irfan that we’re leaving.

I slid on my wedges and head for the back entrance with Ihsan and Irfan at both sides, then I ask about mum and dad ,he says they’re both asleep so we just head out instead. Irfan accompanies us both out to my car and bids us goodbye and then I drive home.

As we enter the house, Ihsan slid off her heels, dropping them off on the rack and goes up to her room, I go up to my room and change into my pjs ,in the hallway I take a peek at girlie and see that she isn’t asleep yet so I decided to make noodles for both us, then I go up with two bowls of noodles to girlie’s room.

“Hey, you know as much as you’re boring, I love you so much Missie, you’re just the best.” Ihsan says to me

“yeah I know I’m the best, I also know you can’t fall asleep when you’re hungry and I love you too ” I say

I knew Ihsan since we were born, I’m just a week older than her, we were born in the same hospital, I don’t know if it was a coincidence but then we pretty much have the same story, we grew up in the same orphanage, both our parents abandoned us in the hospital and we both didn’t get adopted at birth unlike other babies and that was why we were asked to be sent to the orphanage but then on the way there we had a car accident, though we both survived without any injuries but the driver and the midwives didn’t survive, they all died. And then last 5 years our orphanage couldn’t take care of us because it became bankrupt all because of our greedy guardian, he planned to force us both into child labor, luckily we overheard his conversation so we planned to runaway that night.

We ran away leaving the remaining children behind which was difficult for us, therefore we needed to get help for them so we went to the hospital where we were born and reported everything to them and they came to their rescue ,we received a huge amount of money since the other children were adopted and then the orphanage got shut down. With the money ,we got an apartment for just two of us. Two fifteen years old girls living alone, of course people where surprise but then few weeks after we took in our favorite cook from the orphanage to cook for us.

I notice Ihsan’s thumb wiping my tears, I was deep in thought I didn’t realize I was crying already.

“you’re thinking about our frightening story right girlie”she says to me, pulling me into a hug, whenever I think of that day, I think about what would had happened if we hadn’t ran away that day.

“alright hush, enough of the crying, look at us now, I’m a successful makeup artist, I’ll be leaving for my msc degree next year and you own a restaurant ,i mean one of the largest restaurants in town , our life isn’t quite bad afterall. “she says

“yeah, our life is pretty awesome, thanks girlie, ” I said as I pulled out of her grasp .

I watch her take the dishes out to the kitchen, I slid under the sheets and I drift off slowly .

Chapter 4

“wake up lazy bones ,let’s get our recipe put together ,it’s Saturday” I hear from the door. I open my eyes slightly and I see a male figure standing in the doorway wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants casually, I squint and see its Irfan, no I’m probably dreaming he can’t be here, then I turn to my other side and pat it, it’s empty

What!! it’s empty, where is girlie, I open both eyes hurriedly, sitting upright, I stretch and yawn then I notice movement in the doorway, I look sideways and see Irfan, no I’m just imagining that he’s there then I laugh and say

“OK, imaginary Irfan you can’t trick me today, I have lots of work to do before the real Irfan comes in”

I look away and look back he’s still there, this time around he’s trying to stop himself from laughing ,


something’s not right, I narrow my eyes, I gasp, no way this is the real Irfan ,how did he get in here, Girlie did this,, but why

“you finally see the real me, don’t you? you never said anything about dreaming about me hmmmm, I find this you interesting, you’re probably wondering how I got in, well girlie did it, I’ll be downstairs, hurry Up” he says with a grin

I just stood there dumbfounded so I just nod, oh my God, he saw me like this in my pjs, my hair is a complete mess and my face is as red as a tomato, i spin around and run to the bathroom.

I head down to the kitchen after having a bath and dressing up ,I see Ihsan on the couch pressing her phone, her hair in a ponytail, Good ,just what I wanted, sweet revenge here I come.

I approach the couch slowly and yank her ponytail, she gives a low scream then face me, I don’t say anything instead I walk away to the kitchen only to see Irfan making toast, it’s kinda difficult not to watch

“morning, you’re here early since you still met me sleeping “I say

“well good morning to you too, I can never unsee that, you looked so cute and who knew you’re more pretty when you’re scattered” he says with a grin

I sit down, grab the toast and munch it ,then I wave girlie goodbye and head to the restaurant with Irfan.

Sunday starts with me and Irfan both making new recipes and getting prepared for the competition. At 7pm ,we go for movies and head back home after, Ihsan is already asleep when I get back so I just go to bed also.

I hope Irfan gets here early I think, the competition is in an hour ,I glance at the entrance and see him approaching, relief washes over me.

“hi, sorry I’m late, I had to take mum for check up” he says

“Alright, how are you though, I’m sure we’re gonna win but I’m still very nervous “I say

“don’t worry we got this “he says giving me a reassuring smile

After the competition, they’re yet to announce the winner then we were called onto the stage for the announcement, then I catch a glimpse of a man, one of the judges, a look at Irfan, he sees him too, he looks back at me with worry in his eyes.

This man looks exactly like me, though for a male he would probably be much taller and broader which he is but the resemblance is very obvious, same hair colour ,same eye colour ,same skin colour though I’m a bit lighter than him, then his gaze meet mine and he stares a while eyes wide and hurriedly he looks away as he’s been asked to score our team ,I can’t stop looking at him, then I hear someone beside me jump happily, Irfan, he looks at me with triumphant and I know he’s saying something but I can’t hear him, I glance at the man, he’s looking at Irfan and he’s clapping then I look at Irfan and I’m feeling dizzy ,what’s happening to me?, I see black everywhere, who turned off the light? then suddenly I’m on the floor.

I wake up to someone’s voice, I think girlie’s, slowly I open my eyes all I see is white ceiling, I recognize it ,this is my room at home ,how did I end up at home? I look around, both Irfan and Ihsan on either sides of me ,so quiet with worry in their eyes.

“you guys, what happened ” I say, sitting up

“Missie, you’re awake, I’m so glad, you gave us such a fright” says Ihsan, snuggling me, she looks like she’s been crying, but why would she? I mean that’s my thing, she only cried once that was when she was 10.

“Are you okay, you passed out even though we won, what a great way of rejoicing ” Irfan says to me forcing a smile, though I see his expression saddens.

“Girlie, have you been crying? I’m alright, nothing is wrong dear, guess I was just stressed and overwhelmed at our victory. And you guys have nothing to worry about, I am really energetic now plus we won so let’s go celebrate our victory “i say smiling at them and pulling them close to me in a tight cuddle.

They both look at one another and nod, and I catch a glint of worry in irfan’s eyes. Irfan looks at me and says calmly “you know I had to call mom and dad because I was so scared, you’ve never been sick that I know of, it’s usually her who gets sick” gesturing to Ihsan.

“Mr and Mrs Salman are here?, why did you have to worry them” I say to him raising both eyebrows

I climb off the bed and go out to meet Irfan’s parents, I look down from the balcony and catch aunt zainab’s gaze, she smiles at me and gestures for me to come down, I return the smile and head downstairs

“my dear, are you feeling better, I hope they didn’t wake you up” uncle Salman says looking at me then at Ihsan and Irfan upstairs.

“No sir they didn’t, thank you, aunt I’m better now thank you, hope you weren’t too busy at the office when he called “I say with a smile, they both shake their heads and smile a little and decide to go back to work ,Irfan and Ihsan see them off to the car, while I stood on the porch and wave, as I was about to head inside, someone appears at my doorstep, it’s the same man I was earlier .

Chapter 5

This man, what is he doing here, I look at my friends, they are still talking to Irfan’s parents.

“Who are you ? what are you doing here? how did you get my address?” I say

He looks at me with amusement, his eyes blazing into mine and then says “I am Adnan Ameer, your father”. He hesitate for a minute and says it again “I am your Dad, my dear you are my daughter ” he reach out for my arms but then I move backwards.

No he can’t be my dad, I was abandoned, he does look like me but looks can be deceiving, maybe he’s someone my parents are related to but he can’t be my dad. Great, just great, Until yesterday I thought I was an orphan but then my birth father showed up at you door. As much as I  don’t want to believe it, I know it’s true, I feel a bit of connection with this strange man that says he’s my dad.

“No I don’t have a father, I’m an orphan and even if I did have a dad, he would have seemed dead to me ,you say you’re my father then why didn’t you come to look for me, you knew I existed right, then why did you abandon me? if you don’t have a logical explanation, you can as well leave ,I step inside and shut the door ,running up to my room and throwing myself on the bed tears falling from my eyes then I hear ihsan’s at my room door, knocking slightly ,I wipe my tears and go to open the door.

“Are you okay, Missie “she says as I open the door. I sob at her question, unable to answer to pulls me to a hug and caress my hair gently then guide me to my bed. I sit down and she hands me a glass of water, I take a sip and hand the glass back to her .Then I slid down onto the bed and lay my head on her lap.

“Do you want to talk about it , I’m here to listen you know “she says gently, I can’t talk now, my voice is shaky so I shake my head. She asks if she should leave so I could think things through, but I don’t want her to leave. I need her ,so I still shake my head.

I wake up to see ihsan’s hands on my head, she’s also asleep, I smile a bit before recollecting all the things that happened in the past hour, I’m much calmer now girlie was right afterall . I get off the bed gently to go to living room, the lights are switched off and I have no idea where my phone is, so the only light is that from my bedroom, I put my hand on the wall to make my way to the kitchen. I switch on the kitchen lights and start to make myself a cereal, then I hear a noise coming from the living room, I flick the switch up and see Irfan, sleeping on my couch.

What is he still doing here, it’s very late now he can’t go back home. I guess I troubled my friends alot today. I fainted after winning a competition and broke down after seeing my father. I still don’t want to accept the fact that he’s my dad, he’s a complete stranger who only shares my looks. I head back to the kitchen to grab my cereal, as I munch on my cereal I catch sight of Irfan coming towards me as he stretches and yawns. I give him a smile.

“Hey, how are you feeling now?, I came to check on you and saw you were both asleep, so I dozed off on the couch and lost track of time, now it’s late for me to go home so you’re stuck with me,” he says with a wide grin. I catch myself smiling also, I actually like the fact that he’s staying though I should be worried since this is the first time we have a male in our castle.

“sorry, I know I had you guys worried, things have been rather complicated instead of running smoothly, but thank you both for being the best friends I could ever ask for” I say to him and Ihsan who’s been watching everything front the kitchen doorway then nods in approval and they both smile .

“what did I miss,? Oh I have a perfect idea, let’s celebrate our victory this night afterall we’ve had enough sleep that we can’t sleep anymore, let’s watch movies, I’ll make popcorn ,Irfan go wash your face you look horrible, girlie go select the movies, let’s meet in 30mins time.” Irfan and I both share a look and grunt, but then we had no choice than to listen to her.

We all sit in different positions in the living room, Ihsan is fast asleep, Irfan is glancing at his phone and I’m deep in thought . I get up and walk to the kitchen balcony with my coat then I slide the door and sit down.

He said he was my dad and I shut the door at his face, I do feel bad even though I’m upset with him, but I didn’t actually give him a chance to really tell me what happened, oh no, what have I done. I have the feeling he’ll come back so I’ll give him a listening ear then, no matter what.

“The view. it’s pretty not so? ” says Irfan startling me a bit

“yeah, it’s so calm out here, the view is quite OK I think, by the way how’s Adeena, I haven’t heard about her since your birthday ”

“well she’s doing great, she travelled with her brother that’s why she hasn’t been clinging to me ” he says with a smirk

I laugh then say “I  thought as much ”

“you know, I use to admire you back then in secondary school, I do envy you till now, you have a pure heart and that’s why I can’t see you in worried, when you fainted earlier, it felt like I had lost my mind. I was so scared, I felt like I wasn’t the same any longer, as if a part of me had encountered a horrible situation. I don’t know why but whenever I see you I’m overjoyed, I just want you in my life. You can talk to me, in case you think girlie is too talkative or too hard to deal with. I’m here for you” he says

I smile and nod, he’s an amazing person and now I feel bad for troubling him. We head into the kitchen and go to the living room to wake up Ihsan then head to our rooms, Irfan occupies the guest room closest to my room and goes to bed.

I lay under my sheets, tomorrow is going to be a new day.

Good morning dear, 

I’m sorry about yesterday, I know I should’ve come to find you but I didn’t, I have a very reasonable explanation for everything that happened in the past 20 years and I’ll tell you about it if you agree to meet me for a cup of coffee, I’ll be glad if you accept my invitation.

This is the message I received from Mr Ameer, my dad . I’ve decided to give him a chance to speak to me, so I’ll go

At 2pm, I’m standing at the café he wanted to see me, it’s actually a restaurant and a café, it looks very First Classy ,Is he trying to intimidate me? well too bad money can’t buy me.

Chapter 6

I step inside and look around, I see him as he waves at me, I walk towards him, he smile a little then says,”Good day dear, how are you ”

“Good Afternoon, I’m doing great, you” I take a sit and continue “look whatever happened yesterday wasn’t what I intended, I’m sorry for being rude, I should have listened to what you have to say ”

“oh dear, it’s OK, I’m  just glad you came, care for something, don’t worry I own this place you can have whatever you want.”

I nod and smile at him, he owns this place wow, who exactly is he, I love this place it’s incredible, fancy and it smells good here, must be the coffee,

“Thank you Mr Ameer, I’ll order soon but you have things to tell me , we’ll start with it first” he nods and smiles at me.

“I was the only child of my parents, my dad died when I was 12 and my mom died due to sorrow after 3 months ” he said with a saddened smile and teary eyes.

“I’m so sorry for your loss” I say    Is it only his loss of is it my loss as well, though I don’t know them but then I’m related to them.

“My dad was a businessman, he owned properties all over the neighbouring countries, my dad’s cousin was the guardian to my dad’s wealth until I turn 18, my uncle was really helpful so he brought his family from the village and we lived happily until it was time to hand over the business to me then his son Aliyu became envious of me, so many times he made me look irresponsible so it would be transferred back to his father and he’ll inherit it for himself. When his plan failed to work he left the house and took shelter on the streets, he began to steal and one day he was jailed for 7 years.

I met your mother, sadiya and we got married. Suddenly Aliyu was out of jail and he came back home, we thought he had changed so we let him in until his true colors were out in the open so my uncle threw him out.

When ur mom was heavily pregnant he kidnapped her and it made her give birth to you prematurely, he tried to kill you on the spot but your mom escaped with you and she hid you in a truck, he followed her and killed her” I winced as her said it tears running down my cheeks, I wipe them and watch as he swallowed hard trying to block tears and then he continued,

“I went back home immediately after getting a call that the house had been burnt down with my family in it, my uncle and aunt’s bodies were found but sadiya wasn’t there, I needed to find her so I went out to look for her, some villages reported about the body who gave birth hours ago and was murdered, on getting there I saw it was sadiya, I cried my eyes out and began searching for a baby, I checked every hospital till I found one which a premature baby was brought in buh then they left for the orphanage where they had incubators, I was about to leave when the nurse received a call that the car had an accident and everybody died, I went as far as I could, and on reaching there, the scene was bloody, arms and legs laid around all over the place. I collapsed and went into coma for 2 months, when I finally woke up I was partially paralyzed, I couldn’t do anything only breath, I  was moved abroad for treatment for 2 years ,then I met my present wife who was my doctor, she helped me recover from my shock and we started a new leaf as a family. Now I’m a father of 4 kids, including you. Last month, my wife Anisa had been doing some research when she saw your photograph so she tracked you and got your bio data from the hospital and help me find You, I got your address after the competition where I met you. I knew you the moment I saw you, we look alike you know only you’re much younger” he says with a smile

I smile back at the statement, yes he is right, we do look alike, so much. I believe him at least, he seems to be, I think.

He hesitates first then says “Do you mind coming for a family meeting by weekend ,Are you free, I’m sure everyone wants to meet you”.

“yes, sure sir, I would love to, can I bring Ihsan along ” I say with a smile

“I don’t see why you can’t, sure I’d be glad to meet her ” he answers.



Chapter 7

“Missie, so you mean to tell me we have been invited for a mini party to formally introduce you to your family, wow let’s start parking, or better let’s go shopping ” says Ihsan.

“I don’t see why we need to go to shopping, what exactly are we shopping for ” I ask

“Gifts, we need to get gifts for them”

“But we don’t know what they like ,what if we get what they don’t like, Irfan help me here, pls talk some sense into her” I say to irfan

“Well she’s right, you need to know what they like girlie ”

“Thank you” I say

“Wait ,I’m not done yet, girlie is also right, you can’t go empty handed”

“You See, I was right” says Ihsan

“Alright fine, what do I get for them?”

“I guess something semi formal, just like a gift basket, I saw some………. ”

girlie immediately cut him off “we saw some in a store close by, let’s go check them out “.

she noticed we’re both staring at her then says “sorry was I been rude, I’m just so excited, sorry guys”

Days later ,I’m walking into my restaurant when I catch a glimpse of red roses around, it’s a bit dark but I can still see, There’s a shape up ahead, no not a shape, a figure of someone, a silhouette, I can’t make out the face but I think it’s a man, somehow I think I know who he is and somehow I don’t, it feels so familiar. Then I halt, I perceive a familiar perfume, Girlie.

She’s here also, what’s going on ? Then the lights flick on, I adjust my eyes to the lights and take in my surrounding. I gasp at it, it’s amazing, it’s beautiful but who did this, I see him now it’s Irfan.

“so ,you like what you see” girlie says with a wide grin . I spin around and smile at her and then I hug her.

“yes I love it, it’s beautiful, whose idea was this, that person has stolen my heart ”

“well I’m glad the person stole your cuz it was Mr bestie, your Prince Charming over there, he’s approaching, byyyyyyyyyeeeeee.”

she’s gone within a blink of an eye, Irfan is in my front even before I know it, I’m suddenly blushing.

“Hey” he says

“Hi” ,I don’t know what to say next and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t either, this is getting awkward, waiters and cooks are having fun around and it’s very noisy. Irfan gestures for me to follow. I nod and obey

Few minutes later we’re at the back of the restaurant where the garden is, there’s a candlelight table for two with petals on it and well decorated, we walk down to it, he pulls a chair out for me and I take my sit. I’ve never been so nervous in my life, even during the competition I didn’t feel nervous that I don’t know what to say, then he breaks the silence.

“So what do you think ”

“what do I think about what”

“oh girlie, you’ll never change, you’re still the boring you, but seriously, what do you think, do you like it ”

“it’s okay, it’s cool and classy”

“okay?, Do you know how much effort I put into this and you just say it’s okay ”

“it’s amazing, it’s wonderful, it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen, I was trying to be casual, I was nervous so don’t blame me” I say with a smile

“OK, you were nervous, have you seen me, I’ve been trembling since I woke up, I’m glad you like it. Now let’s eat cuz I cooked Hope you’re hungry”

“you cooked, oh ok, can’t wait to have a taste, oh I am hungry. By the way what did u cook ”

“you’ll see, I’ll be right back ”















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