The Beginning of her Misery #Ceaserswords



He had said those words in a drunken state when she had tried to take him home. It was obvious that he didn’t remember but it was something she would never forget. The love of her life, her husband, was in love with someone else and all she could do was cry.

That same statement kept ringing in her ear. She should have known. In fact it was so obvious even when he tried to hide it. The way he looked at her, the way he yearned to touch her, the way his eyes followed her every move. She should have known she wasn’t the one but she blindly held onto a love that was one sided. How sad could that be?

She had held on to the hope that one day he would learn to love her and she had started to believe it too by mistaking his kindness for love. Forgetting the fact that he only married her because she was pregnant with his child. The only reason he would tie himself down to a woman he didn’t love by leaving the love of his life.

Alas! She has gotten the man she wanted by dubious means but not his heart for it belonged to another. She thought she broke them apart but it felt as if she was the broken one. No matter how hard he tried to be a good husband, he ended up hurting her instead. He had accepted his fate and it was all her fault that he was miserable.

They thought she was the victorious one but she knew more than anyone else that this was the beginning of her misery.

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